Natural light with VELUX

Skylight installation and repair

Skylights: The Ideal Solution to Add Light and Ventilation

If your home is sometimes dark or feels cramped, adding skylights will open up the space and flood your home with natural light. At Golden Group Roofing, we specialize in skylight installation and repair in Greater Boston and surrounding areas.

Skylights for any room in your home.

Skylights can go in just about any room where more natural light is desirable and needed – the kitchen, living room, dining room, bathrooms, bedroom, sunroom, porch…

We trust the quality, beauty, and longevity of VELUX skylights

At Golden Group Roofing, we rely on VELUX Skylights, which has earned a reputation globally for its no-leak promise for its skylights, sun tunnels, and skylight shades.

New, innovative VELUX Skylights let in all the sunlight and fresh air you want, without letting in the rain, summer heat, and harmful UV rays you don’t. These revolutionary No-Leak Solar Powered “Fresh Air” skylights are eligible for a 30% Federal tax credit, saving qualified homeowneers an average of $1300 on the product and installation.

If you are thinking about installing skylights or if you are renovating or need to replace ones you already have because of leakage, give Golden Group Roofing a call. Our technicians have earned a reputation for exceptional craftsmanship and attention to details … and we only use the highest quality materials.

Golden Group is your choice for skylight installation or skylight replacement, and repair. We will inspect and consult with you on new skylights for your Greater Boston area home.

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Homes that are full of light are full of life!

Skylights bring outside natural light inside your home, giving you a brighter home with a modern feel. VELUX Skylights can also allow for greater ventilation and are available in many styles to suit your home’s décor.

No Worries with a VELUX Skylight

No-Leak Promise

VELUX offers a no-leak promise so you can rest easy, knowing that your VELUX Skylight will provide abundant sunlight and fresh air, but never let in rain. This is the VELUX Promise to Golden Group Roofing clients.

VELUX Warranty

You will receive a 10-year manufacturers warranty from VELUX once your skylight has been installed. Golden Group Roofing promises you will be satisfied with our skylight installation or repair.

Clean, Quiet & Safe Glass

VELUX Skylights are made with Neat® Glass, also known as clean, quiet, and safe glass for your peace of mind and comfort.

Powered by the Sun

VELUX skylights feature a small solar panel on the exterior that captures available daylight to open and close the skylight while charging a small, concealed battery, even on cloudy days.

Integrated Rain Sensor

The weather can change on a dime! With VELUX’s integrated rain sensor, your skylight will close automatically at the first sign of inclement weather so rain never gets in through an open skylight.

Control with Your Fingertips

The Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylight comes with a pre-programmed remote control, which allows you to open or close your skylights at your convenience or at scheduled times of day.

Options to Consider

Shades for your skylights are available in several styles and colors and come with remote controls. They include
  • Blackout and Room Darkening shades that block out light completely and provide optimal heat protection
  • Light Filtering shades that allow you to enjoy the benefits of natural light without the glare
  • Venetian Style shades that add style and come in your choice of colors

Many Decisions to Make​

If you need assistance in deciding on style, size, shades, give us a call at Golden Group. We’ll visit your home as part of our free consultation service and explore the possibilities for your skylight installation in Greater Boston and beyond.

Combine Your Roof Replacement with Skylight Installation – Save Money and Hassle.

Replacing your roof and skylights in one job can:

Our skylight installers in Greater Boston and beyond can go over even more
benefits to combining these projects into one. Just
 give us a call today!

Why You Need a Roofer For Skylight Installation

While it’s possible to hire a window installer to put in your new skylights, it’s not a wise idea. You’re much better off hiring a roofer in Greater Boston to handle this job – a job that takes a roofer’s eye, precision, and attention to detail. Rest assured, all Golden Group Roofing installers are VELUX Certified for skylight installations.

Leaks are the top risk when skylights are improperly installed. Golden Group roofers are GAF Certified with decades of experience. We approach skylight installation from a roofer’s perspective. That means we thoroughly inspect the area, making sure the roof can support the skylight. We consider the location and angle for optimal lighting, and determine if your type of roof is actually conducive to adding skylights in the first place. Skylights aren’t right for all roofs!

Before you consider window installers for the job or worse — attempt a DIY project — call the pros at Golden Group Roofing first. We know roofs. And we know skylights.

Affordable, Timely Skylight Repair Services

At Golden Group Roofing, we understand that your roof protects your most precious assets – your home and family. After years of training and hands-on experience, we know all of the most vulnerable and difficult-to-spot vulnerabilities in your roof, including chimneys and roofing skylights. If you find yourself with a leaking skylight, call Golden Group Roofing for emergency roofing skylight repair service.

We look for problems with your existing skylight that might cause leaks, fogging and loose seals.

Some leaks are fixable! We may be able to repair and reseal your existing skylight without replacing the unit.

If you’re shopping for a new skylight, quality counts. Golden Group is a certified VELUX Skylight installer.