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Roof Replacement & Repair in Worcester

Golden Group Roofing is the #1 Worcester roofing company of choice among homeowners. We provide a full scope or roofing and construction services such as roof replacements and roof repairs, home siding, skylights and repair. Golden Group Roofing’s dedication to craftsmanship, quality and customer service made the roofing process easy and stress-free for all of our Worcester homeowners. It’s no wonder that Golden Group has over 400 5-star online reviews and is the most awarded roofing company in Massachusetts.  Just to name a few.

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Our Worcester Roofing Company Knows that Older New England Homes Need TLC.

Just 44 miles outside of Boston, our city is experiencing dramatic economic growth—yet homeowners don’t have to pay Boston’s sky-high housing costs. We’re proud of our part in Worcester’s resurgence, making it stronger one roof at a time.

We know Worcester’s distinctive neighborhoods, the architecture of its homes, and up-and-coming commercial areas. While each area has its own character, most have a high percentage of older homes. Nearly half of Worcester’s homes were built before 1939, including historic and Victorian homes from the 1800s and early 1900s. Another quarter of homes were built between 1950 and 1969. Even many homes built after that have roofs that are decades old.

The point is that older homes in Worcester often have cumulative damage, roofing materials that are weakened, and decades or more of wear-and-tear. There may also be problems when upkeep on a roof has been sporadic and regular inspections haven’t taken place.

Newer Homes are No Exception

Not all homes were built by previous generations. But most of the problems we see in older homes can also occur in newer homes. For example, storms may damage roofing materials and cause leaks. Gutters need repairs from time to time. Owners of relatively newer homes are more likely to ask us to install solar panels and skylights. Regardless of your home’s age, repairs, renovations, and updates require skilled craftsmen who respect you and your home.

Worcester Weather Damages Roofs

All Worcester homes face weather conditions that can wreak havoc on your roof. Worcester’s hilly terrain gets an average of 48 inches of rain and 51 inches of snow, ice and sleet storms, and a harsh freeze-thaw cycle. While you may see obvious damage, such as missing shingles after a storm, other problems are more hidden, such as inner roofing layers with rot, mold, or algae. If these problems have gone undiagnosed for a period of time, they may even result in structural damage.

Roofing problems only get worse—and more costly—if ignored. If you know your roof leaks, it pays to start repairs before the problems compound. If you need a new roof, do it now—before more of your home gets damaged from leaks. If you’re not sure of your roof’s condition, our experts can give it a thorough inspection and recommendations for any repairs that are needed. We want to keep your roof in top shape so you can avoid that type of damage and expense.

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How can we help you?

We take care of the entire roof replacement, including all permits and cleanup, to replace your roof.

We thoroughly inspect and repair your roof and all the components to keep your roof study and watertight.

Elevate your home with new siding options. Now offering Vinyl Siding options.

Skylights can go in just about any room – the kitchen, common living rooms, bathroom, bedrooms – you name it!

Working with Golden Group Roofing, a GAF-certified roofer, to go solar means your new roof.

Elevate your home with new siding options. Now offering James Hardie Fiber Cement.

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Our Worcester Roofing Company provides the highest quality work for local homeowners, including:

We will help you weather every storm.

Throughout your project, our crews and office staff make every effort to provide an easy, stress-free experience. Most importantly, our quality workmanship adds to the safety and comfort of your family, while protecting the life and value of your home.

With a GAF® roof from Golden Group Roofing, your home and family will enjoy durable, reliable protection from a roof that delivers lasting value.

A roof warranty is peace of mind, like the last nail we use to install your new roof. All Golden Group roofs come with a 50-year warranty that’s transferrable with the home.

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