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We do your roof repairs with care.

Whether it’s damage from a storm or normal wear and tear, your home may need roof repairs from time to time. If you’re experiencing roof leaks or visible damage, we’ll thoroughly inspect and repair your roof and all the components to keep your roof sturdy and watertight. Emergency roof repair services available.

Obvious or unforeseen, roof repairs are always a pain and undoubtedly a significant expense if left unattended.

A solid build starts with a solid roof.

Not many people like to perform roof repairs and maintenance on their home. However it is crucial that you take the time to do roof repairs regularly to extend the life of the current roofing system and prevent major damage.

Roof Repairs Service Options


Leaking Pipe Boot Flashing

Did you know that pipe boot flashings must be replaced every 10-15 years? This product and component of your roofing system won’t last the lifetime of the roofing system. This means that if your pipe boot flashing is showing wear and tear, or looks as if it has pulled or gotten loose around the pipe collar, it’s time to replace the pipe boot flashing. This is a quick way to avoid major interior damage. Did you know that pipe boot flashings are the number 1 reported roof leak? Pipe boot flashing repairs start at $275.00.

Leaking Chimney Flashing

Chimney flashings must be maintained and serviced every 7-10 years. The most popular form of flashing in New England for chimneys is lead flashing. Lead flashing ensures that the water, and snow around the chimney (where the chimney bricks meet the roof line), do not enter your home. Chimney lead flashing should be inspected and kept in excellent condition at all times, as chimneys are the number two most reported leak source in Massachusetts Roofing Systems. Chimney leading services start at $750.00.


Missing Shingles

When a major storm moves through the area, the first sign that your roof needs service or maintenance, is it’s missing shingles. Missing shingles means it’s time for a repair or replacement. Do not stress! Sometimes, missing shingles does not mean a new roof. It just means that your roof went through a major battle with the recent storms and came out with a few bruises. We can help get the roof back in perfect shape with a roof tune up to ensure the missing shingles are replaced. We make sure to match color and style whenever possible. Roof Tune ups for missing shingles start at $375.00.


Leaks in Flashing

Aluminum flashings can become a headache if left exposed to weather, or if not properly attended during roof or siding replacements. Often, the reason for flashing leaks is due to improper installation of aluminum flashings on the roofing system. Another reason that flashings may leak is due to old age, or a shift in their placement due to storms. Whatever the case may be, the Golden Group Roofing team can be of assistance. Flashing services start at $450.00


Leaking Bathroom Vent

Bathroom roof vents are not a 50-year product. Homeowners need to take the time to understand that this product will likely need to be replaced every 10 years or so. Also, bathroom roof vents should be inspected to ensure that they have not shifted during major storms. P.S; Take the time to ensure that the interior bathroom vent is actually connected with the exterior bathroom roof vent. All too often these two units are not connected properly, and your bathroom hot air from showers is likely venting inside your attic and insulation. This is a hot spot for mold, and you definitely don’t want that. Bathroom roof vent installations start at $850.00.


Missing Ridge Vent and Ridge Cap Shingles

At Golden Group Roofing we get calls for service after a New England storms with heavy wind gusts. Homeowners call saying that their ridge cap or ridge vent has flown off the roof. The reason for the torn off ridge vent or ridge caps may be linked to a few different scenarios. The first being that the ridge cap is of old age and if that’s the case maybe a full roof replacement may be in the near future. The second being that the roof ridge vent and roof caps have been installed using incorrect nails or nailing patterns. Did you know that the roofer must locate the wind flow direction before deciding in which direction to install the ridge caps? It may be that the roofers that installed the roofing system may have not used the correct nail ( 3 inch hand nails, very important that they are installed by hand) or proper wind direction.


Lifted Shingles

Lifted shingles can be a sign of various roofing issues. Lifted shingles on a newer roof are usually linked to poor craftsmanship. Shingles may have been damaged before they were installed or during the installation process. If a worker didn’t discard damaged shingles and instead installed them, they will be susceptible to more damage in the future. Shingles that aren’t tightly secured can also lift up. Sometimes roofers don’t use enough nails, don’t place them correctly, or don’t drive nails in all the way. Shingles can then be damaged by strong winds, which can result in roof leaks.


Strong Winds

Strong winds can lift shingles and may even tear them off completely. Wind can also drive debris under shingles once they have lifted up a bit. The debris can make the shingles lift even more. Lifted shingles sometimes may be replaced by removing the damaged shingles,  other times a full re roof may be needed. Prices will vary depending on the amount of shingles that need to be replaced. Schedule a free estimate online today to get a price quote to repair your shingles.


Leaking Skylights

The most common reason that a skylight would leak is because the flashing around the skylight has become damaged due to corrosion or hasn’t been installed properly. Another reason why a skylight might leak is because of condensation or water that has entered  in the skylight’s window framing. Skylight leaks are no fun to deal with. At Golden Group Roofing we offer free skylight evaluations to determine if your skylight needs repair or replacement. Book online now >


Missing Aluminum Fascia Coil

Many homes have aluminum coils that have been molded around the home’s exterior trim. In high wind storms, this coil detaches from the trim and falls to the ground. At Golden Group Roofing we service this repair on average 10 times a month, usually after major storms. The aluminum coil will be custom matched to the existing color and style that is currently on the home. Aluminum coil services on average cost $750 for a 15 linear feet of coil.