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Protect your home with a roof warranty

All new roofs installed by Golden Group come with manufacturer-backed roofing warranties. Because your home is your biggest investment, and we want you to protect it.

A new roof is the biggest investment most homeowners will make. Protect your home with a registered roof warranty.

All new roofs installed by Golden Group Roofing come with a registered 50-year warranty that is non-pro-rated and transferrable to your home’s next owner. What that means is peace of mind and a guarantee that your new roof investment will last for decades to come.

Workmanship and installation is a major component of new roofing. Without sufficient and guaranteed professional installation, even the best roofing systems can fail to perform. This is why homeowners need to choose a roofing company that offers both a material and workmanship roof warranty.


Benefit from the Best with a GAF®
Golden Pledge Roof Warranty

With a GAF® roof from Golden Group Roofing, your home and family will enjoy
durable, reliable protection from a roof that delivers lasting value.

Backed by the Pros

We work with GAF and Certainteed, the largest roofing manufacturers.

Peace of Mind

Sleep easier, knowing that you have protected the roof that protects your family

Protect Your Investment

A quality roof is your home’s first line of defense against damaging weather

All About Our Roof Warranty

Not All Warranties Are Created Equal: How To Find a Roof Warranty that Guarantees Protection

Ever thought about a roof warranty? When it comes time to replace a big-ticket item like the roof over your home, we know you’ll do your research. Most homeowners will check for good reviews, contractor license and insurance information, and use of quality materials. But don’t forget the roof warranty! It’s not enough to simply have a roof warranty – the coverage can be limited, and can cost you money down the road. You’ll need the right kind of roof warranty to protect your roof and your wallet for years to come. Here’s what to look for.

Watch out for Pro-Rated Roof Warranties

You may think you are covered for the life of a roof with a prorated warranty, but not necessarily. As the name suggests, the roof warranty coverage actually decreases over time as the roof ages.

What does this mean? While your roof warranty coverage may be high if you experience a problem in the first year, your reimbursement amount will reduce to smaller amounts significantly after 5 years. The closer you get to the end of the warranty, the more the actual coverage may dwindle down to only a nominal amount – even to just a few hundred dollars.

Shingle Warranties May Not Cover What You Think

Another “gotcha” can be the product warranty. While your product may have failed and the replacement is covered under the warranty – that may just be for the product itself. Remember, the roofing products still need to be installed. This includes the labor, the removal of the old product, the permits, and the dumpster. While your product may be covered under warranty, you may still be stuck with a significant bill to get it replaced.

And Even Labor Warranties Are Still Vulnerable

If you have an independent contractor that offers a roof labor warranty along with the product warranty, you may think you are covered. However, what happens if the independent contractor retires, sells their company, or goes out of business?

If they have offered the warranty to you but are no longer in business, the warranty may be worthless and you are still stuck footing the cost of the replacement. So what should you do?

Golden Group Roofing Offers Registered GAF Warranties for 25 years

For every roof installation, we purchase a registered GAF Golden Pledge warranty from the longstanding GAF manufacturer so that you are covered with full product and labor costs for up to 25 years, no matter what happens with our business.

In fact, we were the largest contractor in 2019 to offer this assurance to our neighbors in Worcester and Middlesex County. Because we are certified installers, we are able to purchase this GAF warranty on behalf of the homeowner for complete peace of mind for one of the largest home project investments people will make. This warranty covers “hand on roof” labor for 25 years and covers the GAF products for up to 50 years!

Not every roofer can offer this Golden Pledge Warranty. GAF has rigorous certification requirements, and Golden Group Roofing is continually trained and certified as a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor so that we can provide the highest quality installations for our customers.

If you are comparing roofing contractors, be sure to get the fine details about the roof warranty. Is it prorated or not? Does it cover the product only, or does it include the accessories, labor, permits, and disposal costs? Lastly, what happens to the roof warranty if the independent contractor retires or sells the business?

With Golden Group Roofing, you are covered no matter what. We know how crucial your roof is when it comes to protecting your largest asset, as we will always bring the highest quality to our customers.

We go the extra mile to bring peace of mind and full roof warranty coverage to our customers at our own cost. This roof warranty is even transferable to a new owner, making your home more attractive for sale. Book your free estimate now – and don’t worry because there is no contact needed! All of our new roof and roof repair estimates can be done virtually using our cutting edge satellite technology! That’s the #GoldenGroupDifference.

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