Our Solar Installation Process

A homeowners guide to solar installation

Solar energy is a renewable energy source that can reduce or eliminate your home’s electricity bill. While solar panels have been around for decades, recent innovations have created even more efficiencies while often reducing installation costs.

Everything You Need to Know About Our Solar Installation Process

Getting started with the solar assessment process

Golden Group Roofing’s solar division is proud to offer the latest in solar roofing installation technology. Interested in some energy savings on your own home?

To get the facts about solar and an estimate for the cost savings for your property, the first step is to schedule your no-obligation consultation call with Golden Group Roofing. Feel free to call our team in the office, or book an appointment online.

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We’ll review your electric bill to assess future savings from solar

Because energy savings is one of the primary benefits to solar roofing, we’re here to help you assess your potential savings. For the initial consultation, we’ll collect and review your electricity usage from recent months (ideally up to 12 months of data to account for seasonal fluctuations.

While there are a lot of numbers on electric bill, we will focus on a few key metrics

  • Your usage (monthly and annual)
  • Your current price
  • Your generation and supply


If you move forward with your solar installation, we’ll also collect your meter number, account number, and contact information so we can get approval from the utility company when your solar installation is ready.


Let’s find out if a solar roof will work for you

We’ve got several tools at our disposal to make an initial determination if your home is properly positioned to maximize the benefits of a solar roof.  This includes measuring the amount of sun (and shade) and position in relation to the sun.

In addition to the physical aspects of your potential installation our team will take the time to review your family’s goals for your home.

  • Are you thinking of growing a family and are planning an addition in the near future?
  • Do you have short term or long term plans to install central air conditioning or a pool pump?
  • Will you be considering housing one or more electrical vehicles on the property?

This will help us plan for your future electrical needs to ensure proper capacity.

We’ve invested in sophisticated tools that can evaluate your unique data and anticipated energy needs to produce a comprehensive solar design and project estimate. With this report comes a return on investment calculator so that homeowners can make informed decisions based on how long they intend to stay on the property.

Roof and Solar installation Framingham MA
Roof and Solar installation Framingham MA

Site evaluations for full analysis and final project plan

Once our team has reviewed the  initial solar design and estimates with you, and you wish to move forward, we’ll send our project manager on site to your property to ensure that everything is still a good fit and no adjustments need to be made. We strive for an excellent customer experience, and that includes mitigating any surprises.

Key elements of the site analysis include:

  • Verification of available roof planes
  • Determination of sun and shading due to trees, etc.
  • Evaluation of any obstructions that may affect the installation or operation
  • Validation of the roof orientation
  • Inspection of the electrical system
  • Assessing the condition of the attic, beams, and plywood

Once the project manager has completed the site survey  and approved the design plan, the project can move to the contract stage.

What’s next for your solar roof project?

Once the site survey is completed and the final contract is signed, there is nothing left for you to do!

Our team will submit the designs to your local municipality to obtain the proper permits (including roof, solar, and electrical) and apply for the utility interconnection to the electrical grid.  The interconnection application can take 2-4 weeks.  Once that is approved, we will submit the final order for your solar panels.

As we get closer to the installation date, our project management team will review the installation plan with you.  We have specialists for each aspect of the installation to ensure excellence across the board. This will include the roofing crew, the solar crew, and the electricians. We’ll make sure you understand every step of the process so that the installation runs smoothly.

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Solar Ready Roof

Our team approaches each solar panel installation project with a roofer’s eye. The integrity of your roof and the structure under it is our top concern. While we want you to benefit from solar panels, we want to make sure your roof can integrate the Solar PV System.
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Solar Ready Roof

Our team approaches each solar panel installation project with a roofer’s eye. The integrity of your roof and the structure under it is our top concern. While we want you to benefit from solar panels, we want to make sure your roof can integrate the Solar PV System. 

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What happens during the solar roof installation?

The team at Golden Group Roofing will handle everything, including the dumpster rental and portapotty for the crew so you and your family will be undisturbed.  Our solar crew and roofing crew will work seamlessly together during installation day.  The electrician will need to perform work both inside and outside the home or building and will need access to the interior.

Once the installation is complete, our onsite manager will review the entire system with the property owner and ensure everything is final.  Our crew will perform a meticulous clean up and remove all debris, dumpsters, porta potty, and equipment.

We’ll schedule the proper inspections with the local municipality to finalize the  permits on your behalf. At that point, Golden Group Roofing will request permission to operate the solar systems.  This usually takes 2-4 weeks.

Once the system has been approved and turned on, it’s time to celebrate!  Our team will be back onsite to review everything with you and answer any questions. You’ll have all the documentation for your records and ways to access customer support if you need help in the future. We’ll even show you how to monitor what’s happening in your system and get live updates on the panel production.

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