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Whether it is breathing new life in an older home or planning a new one, new home siding brings value and curb appeal. Elevate your home with the siding options we offer.

What are the benefits of Certainteed Home Siding?

New siding can change the look of your entire home! We offer multiple options, including Certainteed Vinyl Siding, in dozens of color choices.

Vinyl siding is a product that is made of plastic resin, also known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), vinyl is a human-made material combining fibers, fillers, binders and other materials. The manufacturing process heats and compresses the elements to form siding boards.

The best thing about vinyl? Vinyl siding systems are easy to maintain and are resistant to wear as well as damage from insects. Known for its versatility, vinyl siding can retain its fresh look for many years and comes in a variety of colors, patterns and textures such as shakes.

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Maintain the beauty for years to come

Exterior vinyl siding is almost a maintenance-free solution that you can clean with soap and warm water, or a power washer, if recommended. As it requires the least amount of regular maintenance, vinyl also has a vast range of available colors, enhancing the aesthetics of your home. It is cost-effective compared to other sidings like stone and wood and doesn’t need yearly paint jobs.

Vinyl can last up to 40 years because it’s not susceptible to rot or insect damage. Other advantages include:

  • Durability
  • Resistance to color fading
  • Simple installation

With its versatile collection of colors, textures and patterns, homeowners can manifest their dream design. Vinyl does well against the elements, like rain, wind, heat, cold and even hail.

Vinyl siding won’t rot or corrode over time and will keep its original quality throughout the years. However, moisture can get between the siding and the house, encouraging rot and insects on interior supports.

Insulated vinyl prevents heat loss and keeps a house cool in the summer, helping to keep utility costs low. It’s considered more “green” than stone or brick siding. The PVC material resists dents and is a beautiful choice as well as a practical solution.

Vinyl gives off realistic textures, and with its fade-resistant finishing, it will keep fresh during each season. It’s also a light-weight material that complies with requirements from the National Fire Protection Association.

New siding can change the look of your entire home! We offer multiple options, including Certainteed Vinyl Siding, in dozens of color choices. Learn more about home siding services.

Redesign your home with new vinyl siding

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