Emergency Roof Repair in Massachusetts

Read on to learn about major situations that are considered “Emergency Roofing Problems” and how to call in an emergency roof repair in Massachusetts. 

Major situations that are considered “Emergency Roofing Problems” in Massachusetts

If your home’s interior or attic is exposed to the weather due to a roofing issue, you have an emergency; if water or physical damage has caused or may cause structural damage, you have an emergency; if rain or water is seeping into an area where electrical connections are located, you have an emergency. 



Golden Group Roofing doing a roof replacement due to delayed roof repairs in Massachusetts.

Storm Damage is an emergency roofing  problem

If wind or rain has lifted or blown away roofing shingles and water is getting into the home, you’ll want to have a roofing contractor assess the damage right away. High winds can rip layers of shingles off the roof, leaving the underlayment, decking or attic space exposed to the elements. Hurricanes, tornadoes, and major thunderstorms can cause significant damage to the roof to warrant an emergency call to your roofer.

Lightning Strikes need to be taken care of immediately

Lightning striking the roof can cause damage that can leave the home vulnerable to further storm activity and water damage.

Structural damage to your roof can’t wait

Fallen trees can be a significant risk to the structural integrity of the roof and siding. If your roof may be at risk of collapsing, due to extensive water damage, tree impact, heavy snow, or long-term condensation, you should call your roofer immediately.

Fire Damage to your roof

Asphalt shingle roofs are rated for fire resistance, but they still can be damaged by flames and extreme heat.  The shingles, underlayment, decking or roof trusses that were exposed to fire will need to be assessed and replaced or repaired.

Ice Dams damage your roof and can be an emergency

In the Northeast, severe winter weather can cause ice dams which can result in damage and leaks that may become emergencies.

Mold in your attic damages your roof

Extreme mold growth in the attic may become an emergency with risks to the family’s health as well as damage. If the mold growth is due to lack of ventilation which causes condensation. Your roofer can add the necessary ventilation to correct the problem.

Unmaintained Roofs

If your roof has not been maintained and inspected on an annual basis, it can develop serious leaks in vulnerable locations.

Clogged gutters along your roof

If your gutters are seriously clogged, a leak from water backflowing onto the roof can become an emergency situation.

Pests and critters cause roof damage

Minor roof infestations of bugs, birds, squirrels, mice, and other small animals may not be an actual emergency, but if they have caused large holes in the roof or damage to shingles and other roof layers, it can become an emergency in a storm or severe weather conditions.


Golden Group Roofing - March 2023 blog post - emergency roof repair - houseNon-emergency repairs for your roof

Not all roofing problems are emergencies. Here are some that can be scheduled for repair with your roofer:

  • small skylight leaks
  • roof vent clogs
  • moss or algae growth
  • hail damage
  • gaps in flashing
  • a few missing or broken shingles
  • minor condensation in the attic

These situations are not major, but they will still require attention by a professional roofer. Don’t wait weeks to call your roofer. Get these problems taken care of as soon as you can schedule an appointment.

If it is an emergency, then what?

Try to stay calm and take these steps:

Assess the roofs damage for danger

If the danger is so severe that you and your family should vacate the home, do so quickly. Should there be a possibility of roof collapse; the home is flooding with water; if a tree fell and caused damage, evacuate as soon as possible.

If a power line fell on or near the home, call 911 or the utility company to report the incident and stay clear of the power lines.

Golden Group Roofing - March 2023 blog post - emergency roof repair - Greta and teamCall a roofing professional

Do not attempt to repair your roof yourself. Do not try to tarp or fix a leaking roof and don’t climb onto a damaged roof even if trying to temporarily fix a leak.  There are many risks, including falling off the roof or falling into the home. You may also void your insurance coverage if you attempt a DIY repair.

Establish a relationship with a local roofer so that if an emergency repair is needed, you have already vetted the company and are confident in their ability to solve the problem.

Limit damage inside the home

Use buckets to collect water, run a dehumidifier, cover or remove valuable furnishings or décor.

Call your insurance company

Reach out to your insurance company ad describe the damage to the roof. Ask your roofing company to document the damage and help you complete the claims process, should you decide to open a claim. Often insurance companies want you to have the damage assessed by your roofer first so that you don’t open a claim unnecessarily, which can hurt your ratings. The insurance company will likely send an inspector to your home to investigate and verify the claim. You may want to have your contractor present so they can talk together about the damage and hopefully come to an agreement about what needs to be done.

Prepare for emergency roof repairs

After you and your roofing company have decided a course of action, you may need to prepare for a roof replacement or repair by clearing out the room where the damage has occurred or if the project warrants, find other living arrangements until the work is completed.

What will your roofer do in an emergency?

What steps will the roofing company do when they arrive?

Assess the damage to your roof

They will look for the source of the leaks and consider what should be done long-term to restore the roof. This assessment may conclude that minor repairs can be done or that you need a complete roof replacement.

Add a temporary patch for your roof

They may suggest that a temporary patch or a tarp be placed over the affected areas to allow the time needed to make the repairs, especially if more inclement weather is expected.

Provide an emergency roofing quote

The roofing company should provide you with a written quote or estimate. If you are making an insurance claim, they should provide you with photos and any other documentation that is required.

Schedule roof repairs

After a major storm, many homeowners experience roofing problems, so it may take days or weeks before your roof can be scheduled. If temporary fixes are available to prevent further damage, the roofer will schedule them as well. Be sure to update your roofer should your situation change or if the roof deteriorates.

Talk roof financing

When you need emergency repairs, you may not have cash on hand to cover the expense. There are roof financing options available and your roofing company will talk to you about them.

Avoiding Emergency Roof Repairs

One of the best ways to minimize the risk is to have your roofing company perform regular maintenance.  This maintenance includes cleaning the gutters, inspecting the roof shingles, vents, and flashing (and more) for damage, and to check the ventilation in the attic.

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