Ice Dams: What to do when Ice Dams strike

Ice dams are dangerous to roof health – and they’re also a sign that you might need roof repairs.

What to do when Ice Dams strike

Ice dams are dangerous to roof health – and they’re also a sign that you might need roof repairs. We break down ice dams and when to call for help.


What Are Ice Dams?

Snowfalls may look beautiful here in New England, but there can be a lot going on under the snow on your roof. While the snow layer on top may be nice and cold, if your attic is too warm then the snow layer closest to the roof can begin to melt. Because your roof is sloped at an angle, the melting drips down the roof (often under the top layer of frozen snow) all the way to the edge or the roof, or to the gutter if you have one.

Once the melting drips down to the gutter, it can freeze again. There at the gutter, the ice begins to build up and forms an ice dam. If the melting on the inside layer of snow continues, the ice can build up even more, giving the water no place to go. Under the snow where you can’t see it, the water backs up higher and higher up the roof, until finally it finds a way to leak into your home.

What To Do If You Have Ice Dams on Your Roof

2015 may have been a significant winter, but an ice dam on the roof can happen during any winter in New England if the conditions are right, even if you have a new roof. If there is a significant amount of snow on your roof, your best bet is to keep an eye on it. If you start to see ice building up along the gutters and the edge of the roof, you may have a problem.

Not only can this cause water to leak into your home as the melting water builds up, but the weight of  dams can damage your gutters and loosen the shingles. Water in your home due to ice dam roof leaks can damage your belongings and start potential mold problems.

The short term solution is to get rid of the ice and snow build-up on your roof. But it can be dangerous to get up there yourself on a slippery roof. And many unsuspecting homeowners can do damage to their own roofs by using the wrong tools to break up the ice dams, especially in the colder weather when the asphalt shingles are brittle and more susceptible to breaking.

Who Fixes Ice Dams?

We do! The first step is to call Golden Group Roofing to get rid of your ice dam on the roof. We’re local and we offer emergency roof services with full time staff year round.

Golden Group Roofing will get the snow off your roof and clear the ice dams. Our roofers are fully trained and insured, and have the equipment to perform ice dam removal quickly and safely. We can also inspect your roof for potential ice dam roof damage while we are up there.

What If I Need Roof Repairs?

If you need a repair due to ice on the roof (or any other roof damage) during the winter, Golden Group Roofing has you covered with our winter roof emergency services. We offer complementary tarp service if you need it, and can repair your roof damage even in the middle of winter!

What Should a Homeowner Do to Prevent Ice Buildup?

Proper ventilation and insulation are the keys to ice dam prevention. Golden Group Roofing can inspect your roof and make recommendations for increasing ventilation to keep the cooler air circulating in your attic during the winter. We also recommend that you investigate to be sure that your attic is insulated properly, to prevent the heat from your home from moving into your attic.

When In Doubt, Call Golden Group Roofing

If you ever have a doubt about the condition of your roof, especially after significant storms or heavy snow buildup, don’t try to go on the roof yourself. Call Golden Group Roofing [link to phone] and we’ll clear the snow and ice dams for you, inspect your roof for damage, and perform any repairs you may need. We know that your roofing needs don’t stop just because it’s winter, that’s why we work year round to service our Worcester, Middlesex, and Suffolk County communities. That’s the #GoldenGroupDifference.