GAF Roofing System


The Challenge:

The Dedham homeowner called Golden Group Roofing after sustaining storm damage in their Dedham home from a December winter storm. The home had a tree fall and hit the roof which caused the plywood to crack and create a hole on the roof. The client was unsure of what steps to take to get the assistance needed for their home repair. Our office team instructed that the first step was to call their home insurance company and notify them of the damage and to make them aware that a roofer had been notified to assess the damage. The Golden Group Team assisted the client in scheduling an appointment with our team.

The Meeting:

We met with the client and immediately began our work by covering the home with a tarp while waiting for the claim to be approved. Our Roofing consultant assessed the damage and prepared a full inspection report for the insurance company along with the proper claim codes needed by insurance agents for faster approval. The agent asked for a copy of our report along with photos, to determine if this claim could be approved. Our roofing consultant communicated with the client all the timeline and responsibilities that would follow with the next steps of the home insurance claim.

The Solution:

The home insurance claim was approved! We handled all aspects of the claim process for our client and continued the communication with the insurance agent until we got a green light to make the necessary repairs on the home. Once the client received payment directly from their insurance company, we began our work by obtaining permits to schedule the installation of roof repairs.

The Conclusion:

The Golden Group Roofing Team installed the new roofing system and addressed all the roof repairs needed in the home. The roof decking that had sustained damage was the first to be repaired and reinforced with cdx grade plywood boards. Next, we installed a new GAF roofing system using Timberline HDZ charcoal shingles. We completed the roofing system with our GOLDEN PLEDGE warranty that offers 25 years of workmanship and 50 years of product warranty. A true peace of mind that comes complimentary with each Golden Group Roofing system.

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