Worried about roof damage due to rain?

Got roof damage due to rain? It’s every homeowner’s nightmare. Learn about how to handle roof damage due to rain in this post.
Roof damage due to rain is every homeowner’s nightmare, and it’s top of mind in the fall when weather is soggier than ever. Heavy rain storms can cause damage to property and create headaches for homeowners.

Dealing with roof damage due to rain?

While most homeowners might take a trip down to the basement and check around their foundation for leaks, it’s also important to check for leaks in the attic and for roof damage due to rain.

Some potential roof damage due to rain may be easily seen from the ground. High winds may cause tree limbs and branches to fall on the roof. Heavy fallen debris can affect the individual roof shingles or even the structure of the roof, and should be inspected by a professional immediately. But other hidden damages, even the smallest of cracks, can cause untold problems inside your home.

Damaged roofing from delayed roof repairs.

How to check for roof damage after a rain storm

Some issues may be obvious, such as a roof leak after rain. If you spot an interior water leak after a storm, it’s important to get an inspection and a roof leak repair scheduled as soon as possible to prevent further damage and mold growth.

Golden Group Roofing’s roof leak detection process will include inspecting the roof itself, the flashing, the chimney, as well as the inside of the attic for small interior leaks that homeowners may miss.

Homeowners should check on the ground around the house for any shingles that may have come off completely. But it’s also important to check for loose or buckling shingles that have suffered some damage but may still attached to the roof. Another less obvious sign to look for is shingle granules that have collected in the gutter and on the ground. While some amount of granules can be a part of normal wear and tear on your shingles, a larger amount than usual can be a signal that the shingles have been degraded in a certain area.

Another place to check is to see if there are any loose bricks around the chimney, or if the flashing around the chimney has been damaged or compromised. Bricks can crumble with age, and sometimes homes can experience problems with the chimney flashing. Fortunately, Golden Group Roofing can also handle most chimney leak issues, such as having a chimney re-pointed, sealed or have the flashing re-leaded.

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Hidden problems that you may not see

Without a thorough roof inspection, small leaks may go undetected and can cause significant issues when there is a severe storm with large amounts of water and wind. For example, small undetected roof leaks can cause rotting in the decking over time, which can decrease the overall life span of the roof.

In addition, when water leaks into the insulation, it decreases the effectiveness of the insulation and can potentially drive up home heating costs. What can be worse is that extra moisture in the attic and walls can also promote mold growth, causing problems for some unsuspecting homeowners. A preventative roof service can uncover small problems before they become big problems, and help avoid the cost of a full roof replacement.

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What should you do if you find roof damage?

Many homeowners wonder what to do if they find roof damage after a rain or hail storm. It’s never a good idea to attempt to repair the roof on your own. Getting up on the roof yourself can be dangerous, and you might not be able to spot the less obvious problems.

Remember, your roof protects one of your largest assets: Your home.

When it comes to safety of the homeowner and the integrity of the roof, it’s best to let the professionals conduct a more thorough inspection to catch and repair any roof damage due to rain that you may have missed.

When in doubt, schedule a roof inspection after a storm. Our trained and certified roof specialists will run through our roof inspection checklist to look for all of these common roof related issues. All of Golden Group’s roofers are GAF Factory Trained and Certainteed Master Shingle Applicators, and will supply a complete roof inspection report to you. Golden Group Roofing is fully licensed and insured, and serves Middlesex, Suffolk, Worcester Counties.