Solar, Roofing, and Siding Installation

Hopkinton, MA
SERVICES PROVIDED:  Roof, solar, and siding integrated installation
LOCATION:  Hopkinton, MA

Golden Group prospect, Lillian purchased a contemporary colonial home on a lake in a vibrant New England community just 26 miles west of Boston. The house, having been left vacant for some time, showed rotting and deteriorating areas of the siding and roof. It desperately needed repairs and updating to bring the home to life and restore its beauty with solar, roofing, and siding installation integration.

Roof, Solar, and Siding Integrated Installation Challenge:

Lillian loved the house but understood that other buyers walked away thinking the project was too much of a challenge. She called Golden Group to get their assessment and was so pleased to learn that integrating exterior installations of this type was nothing new to them. We visited the property and explained that Golden Group would be her general contractor for this integrated project. We have the project managers and the many professionals onboard to complete the project from the beginning to the final walkthrough. Our clients have peace of mind knowing that the project is in experienced, skillful, and efficient hands.

She recognized that Golden Group understood her vision and hired us before we even completed a comprehensive proposal for the job!

Exceeding the client’s vision in Hopkinton, MA 

Lillian wanted a complete exterior update that required the skills of a company with the vast experience needed to integrate three major exterior projects. She wanted a modern look and feel for her new home as well as the efficiency a solar roofing system would add. Most importantly, she also wanted to conserve the style and setting by seamlessly merging the renovated home with the natural lakefront surroundings.

Not only did Golden Group deliver a home that achieved what the client envisioned, but we also designed some extras and brought the project in on budget.

A new roof was installed for curb appeal and more

To give the home the stylish look Lillian wanted, Golden Group chose a traditional GAF asphalt roof that features a dimensional look and enhanced shadow effect as well as a stain guard, algae protection, and high wind rating. They then added a sleek black seamless metal roof panel over the front entrance which provided an element of contemporary style the client was looking for.

Solar and roofing integration philosophy

Golden Group Roofing promotes the integration of a new roof and a solar system. This provides several benefits, not the least of which is the quality of the craftsmanship of both roof and solar panels. There are no punctures in the existing roof. The installation of screws into the roofing shingles can mean roof leaks and more problems. Golden Group installs the first course of shingles on the roof and then adds the solar mounts. The second course of shingles goes on top of the solar mounts, rather than drilling through both layers of shingles. There is no damage to the roof shingles and no risk of leakage.

Matt Weiner, Director of the Golden Group Solar division, further explained, “The roof rafters are marked for precise positioning of the solar mounts when the roof is bare. Therefore, there is no ‘hit or miss’ when the solar mounts are drilled.”

We selected Hanwha Qcells for the solar installation. Recognized worldwide for their high-efficiency solar panels, Hanwha Qcells won the Top Brand PV Seal 2019 for the sixth year in a row in Europe and for a fourth time in Australia. 

In addition, Golden Group Solar installed an ice and water shield over the entire roof. Typically, roofers only use felt paper over the roof, and an ice and water shield is installed just at the edge. Golden Group’s process ensures that the roof under the solar panels is fully protected.

This process takes more time to complete, but is well worth it in peace of mind for the homeowner.

Benefits of solar roofing

There are several benefits homeowners will enjoy, in addition to knowing that they are contributing to a more healthy environment:

  • Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels are still productive even when there is cloud coverage.
  • In MA the average payback period is about 9 years, with a typical range of 6 to 12 years. Even if your breakeven point is at the longer end, you’ll still end up saving money in the long run.
  • The Massachusetts net metering policy helps you to minimize your electric bills and maximize your savings.
  • Income tax credit for installing solar power in Massachusetts
  • Increases your home resale value
  • Solar panels are eco-friendly. This reduces the dependence on fossil fuels, further reducing emissions, pollution, global warming, and your carbon footprint.

Roof, Solar, and Siding Integrated Installation Process:

The home’s existing siding was wood clapboard, which was rotted in many places on the exterior walls and trim. Before installing the new siding, all the rotted areas had to be removed.

A waterfront home needs vinyl siding, which is resistant to moisture and rot. Golden Group selected Certainteed vinyl shake siding, which was ideal for Lillian’s lakeside home. Vinyl siding systems are easy to maintain are fade- and moisture-resistant and add protection from insect damage. It is flame-retardant and has a lifespan of 20-40 years. Lillian selected a light grey siding with a white trim for a stylish “pop.” 

The affordability of the vinyl siding provided an opportunity to add some extras which not only increased the charm and appeal of the home but also added efficiency. Greta Bajrami, CEO of Golden Group Roofing, explained, “This three-story home has three distinct roof angles and the flashing and ridge vents needed to be waterproof and windproof. We anticipated these essentials, among others, when planning the project, so there were no unpleasant surprises.”

To ensure the best seal around the existing windows, Golden Group wrapped the windows with aluminum flashing to ensure that the home was waterproofed. A new front door added character to the newly renovated and stylish home.

Post solar installation

Once the solar installation was finished, it was time for the electrical and building inspectors to visit the home. Golden Group submitted all the paperwork. Upon the inspectors’ approval, there is a four-week period before Golden Group activates the solar system for the homeowners. Golden Group communicated all the project details to National Grid and installed a new electric meter. Net Metering measures electric usage vs the amount of electricity “banked” as surplus from the newly installed solar system.

Net metering in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, there is a mandate called net metering. It ensures that homeowners get a credit for every kilowatt-hour of energy they send to the grid at the retail rate for every kilowatt-hour pulled. Known as the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) Program, this is a huge benefit for any solar customer. 

In Massachusetts, it is especially crucial because the electricity rates are nearly double the national average. The Massachusetts net metering policy helps homeowners minimize their electric bills and maximize their savings. The goal is to produce just enough energy over 360 days to net out to a zero payout to the electric company.  

The one-stop advantage for solar, roofing, and siding installation

Instead of three separate projects, this lakefront Hopkinton home exterior renovation was one smooth, integrated undertaking. Golden Group as the general contractor planned for all challenges with the expertise of having previously completed many integrated projects.

The endeavor took two months to complete and gave the client the dream home she had hoped for. Lillian says, “You made my home look new. It has curb appeal, character, and style and the project raised the value of my home considerably.”

The integration saved our client enough money for her to build a deck on the back of the home. This is something she had wanted but didn’t think she could afford.

Lillian added, “I love my home! I’ve seen homes like this on HGTV, but I never thought I’d own one. I’m so happy I chose Golden Group Roofing.” 

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