Solar and Roofing Installation

SERVICES PROVIDED:  Solar and Roofing Installation

Golden Group Roofing client, Roger, lives in a large colonial style home in Hopkinton, MA. Roger wasn’t really shopping for a solar system, but he was thinking about a new roof. He also wanted to make a positive impact on the environment. He contacted Golden Group to discuss a solar and roofing installation in Hopkinton MA.

Roger read about Golden Group’s process for integrating a new roof installation with a solar system. So, he contacted Freddy Campoverde, our Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Co-Founder, to discuss his thoughts about a green initiative.

By his own words, Roger decided to hire Golden Group Roofing for their shared vision for environmental sustainability and responsibility.

Roger appreciates craftsmanship. He understands the importance of an individual’s environmental accountability. He was concerned about not being present while the project was being done because he has a demanding job with a major internet company but was relieved to find that everything went smoothly. 

Golden Group’s process of giving clients photo and video updates as the project is progressing. This gave Roger peace of mind to know his home was in good hands. Once the company started work on the project, it was completed within two days.

Solar Installation Challenge in Hopkinton, MA:

The amount of time a project takes to complete is in direct correlation to Golden Group’s pre-inspection process. The company facilitates the team collaboration between electricians, roofers, and solar installers. Everyone knows what they need to do because they have met in advance of the project start. 

Golden Group Solar‘s solar director, Matt Weiner, is in constant contact with our clients prior to, during, and post completion of a project. He contacts the electricians and installers, as well as the client, to answer their questions and give updates. He is dedicated to managing the information flow of the electricians and solar team with the client so there are no negative surprises.

Matt has 25 years of experience and is green-mission focused.

Roger was aware that wiring is necessary to connect the solar panel arrays together.  His traditional colonial home needed strategic placement of tiles with both landscape and portrait arrays to maximize the production of solar energy.  

Golden Group worked extra hard to limit the number of wire conductors, running them through attic crawl spaces and behind chimneys so they were not visible from the ground.

Solar and Roofing Installation Solution:

Golden Group Solar visited Roger’s property to inspect the exterior to see if solar was a viable alternative for him. The electric meter had the amps required for solar; the home was situated advantageously; everything checked out just fine.

After analyzing the needs of our client and the costs associated with installing a solar system, we determined that Roger’s return on investment could earn him $102,000 in savings over 25 years. He decided to purchase the solar panels and that he would get a 30% tax credit for the installation of a solar system. In addition, Massachusetts exempts homeowners from having to pay MA state sales tax on solar power photovoltaic (PV) equipment and installation. This is a significant savings in real dollars.

Our master electrician, Shaun, pulled all the electrical permits and Golden Group filed for roof and solar permits. We applied for interconnection with National Grid for permission to install and connect to their power. We scheduled the electricians, the roofers, and the solar installer to be on site – all on the same day … and arranged for the rented porta potties from Pleasant View Porta Potties.  

Golden Group’s Process for Solar and Roofing Installation in Hopkinton MA:

The integrated installation (new roof and solar system) took two days to complete. While the roofers installed the roof and the solar panel mounts, the electricians were wiring the house making sure that the electrical system supports the solar system. 

Once the system was installed the project managers were there to take over for the electricians on the roof connecting all the wires. Once completed, the electricians tested the system to make sure all was operating properly. 


Once the roof and solar installations were finished, it was time for the electrical and building inspector to pay a visit to the home. Golden Group Solar submitted all the paperwork. Once the inspectors signed off, there is a four-week period before the system is turned on for the homeowners. Golden Group sent National Grid information on everything that was done, and they installed a new electric meter. Net Metering measures electric usage vs the amount of electricity “banked” as surplus from the newly installed solar system.

Net Metering in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, there is a mandate called net metering. It ensures that homeowners get a credit for every kilowatt-hour of energy they send to the grid at the retail rate for every kilowatt-hour they pull. Known as the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) Program, this is a huge benefit for any solar customer. 

In Massachusetts it is especially crucial because the electricity rates are nearly double the national average. The Massachusetts net metering policy helps homeowners minimize their electric bills and maximize their savings. The goal is to produce just enough energy over a 360-day period to net out to a zero payout to the electric company. 

Solar and Roofing Installation Conclusion:

Golden Group Solar visited Roger on Day One when everything was “GO” to turning on the solar system. We’ve become part of Roger’s family during the twelve weeks of the project, so this day is especially important to all of us. We arrived with a special gift and together we celebrated this momentous occasion. Our client was happy. Our Golden Group team was happy. The system is working, and Roger and his family are reaping the benefits.

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