Greta Bajrami Campoverde

CEO & Founder of Golden Group Roofing

Greta Bajrami Campoverde has a vision like no other company leader in the residential roofing, siding, and solar industries. She is a champion of entrepreneurship, advocate for women business leaders, and supporter of industry professionalism. There’s no stopping Greta’s energy, whether mentoring employees, serving on a board, or enthusiastically sharing her ideas at a conference.

Greta’s life story is inspirational, starting from humble beginnings to founding a thriving roofing company. Having immigrated to the USA at nine years old from civil war in Albania, Greta learned early on that success requires determination. Her family settled in Worcester, Mass., where she attended Worcester State University. An entrepreneur at heart, Greta dreamed of starting a successful business.

Since founding Golden Group Roofing in 2011, Greta has proven herself to be a fierce leader—founding a rapidly growing company, changing the face of the construction industry, and being a leading advocate for women within the construction industry.

Greta Bajrami

Inspired to create a unique company

Greta’s long-time dream was to be a successful entrepreneur. After receiving her business administration degree from Worcester State University, she landed a job as a foreman in a construction company–a male-dominated industry where businesses are often passed down from father to son. Greta, a woman without previous construction experience, struggled to gain the crew’s trust. Over time, however, her grit and ability to connect with customers won the crew over.

After three years on the job, inspired by an entrepreneurship class project on business planning and operational strategy, Greta decided to go into business on her own. In her experience as a roofing foreman, Greta saw first-hand that homeowners didn’t appreciate the talent of highly skilled local tradespeople. Her company would create a different impression by being the model of professionalism, customer connection, and craftsmanship.

Greta’s business plan focused on offering high-quality services, improving customer experience through innovation, and mentoring employees with year-round training. With this recipe, Golden Group has experienced rapid growth and gained the trust of homeowners throughout New England.

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EY entrepreneur of the year

Addressing industry challenges

Even with her growing success, Greta was troubled by challenges in the field, including the lack of respect for the industry among homeowners, difficulty attracting young people to the trades, and much needed support for women in construction. Seeking to have a positive impact, Greta soon became active in area trade and business associations.

Paving the way for tomorrow’s leaders

Greta’s contributions to the trade are widespread, earning her accolades throughout the Boston area, Metro West, and the larger region. Her mission to build the next generation of roofers, strengthen female leadership in the industry, and be an exceptional corporate citizen reaches far beyond Golden Group’s doors—including as Habitat for Humanity’s Golden Hammer Honoree (2023) and a volunteer on their Women Build Month. Thinking back to her start in an unfamiliar industry, Greta also created the Rootless app, which helps people connect with careers they may not have thought they could enter.

Serving the Greater Boston area and New England community

Greta has put her leadership skills into action by participating in organizations supporting the construction industry and women entrepreneurs. She is a respected leader of the North East Roofing Contractor Association, serving on the Executive Board of Directions starting in 2017, as Treasurer from 2021-2023 and now as 2nd Vice President since 2023.  Greta is highly active in National women in Roofing Massachusetts, serving as President from 2017-2020. She has also been a member of the Foundation Board and the Scholarship Committee of Worcester State University Since 2015.
Advocating for women entrepreneurs and leaders
As a dynamic female entrepreneur, Greta is a highly regarded spokesperson who motivates entrepreneurs and advocates for the growth of women in business and the construction industry. She has been featured in numerous publications and is a popular guest on podcasts relating to how her entrepreneurial spirit helped build a thriving, woman-owned construction business.

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Leading a business with integrity

If one word can describe Greta’s leadership philosophy, it’s integrity. Integrity in business practices, dealing with customers, and instilling excellence and pride in the staff at Golden Group. That’s how Greta has achieved the Golden Group Difference.

Roofing Contractors with a Heart

Golden Group is connected to the bigger picture: Our mission is improving the entire roofing industry and making an impact you can feel.