12 signs you need roof repairs

How do you know when you need roof repairs? Golden Group Roofing breaks down the key warning signs. Learn the signs that you may need roof repairs in this post.

How to tell if your home needs roof repairs

We repair missing, torn, and lifting shingles as well as ridge caps and vents to ensure that your home is protected, safe and dry.


Leaks & Dripping Water

A leak in the attic might mean you need roof repairs.

After a strong storm or wind-driven rain, take a look in the attic for signs of leaking. Ice damming can also cause water to enter the house if you don’t have an adequate shingle underlayment or if the flashing (the aluminum or steel used over roof joints, like chimneys and pipes) has deteriorated.


Blistering or peeling paint

A leak in the attic might mean you need roof repairs.

When paint starts to peel off, the cause is likely trapped moisture in the house due to excessive temperature or high humidity from poor attic ventilation. The air in the attic needs to flow freely from the soffit to the ridge to reduce humidity. Make sure there is a vent in areas such as the kitchen, bathroom and dryer area.


Stains, Mold & Mildew

Stains on interior ceilings & walls or mold/mildew growth are red flags.

If you see stains or, even worse, mold growth inside your home, it may be caused by inadequate or faulty roof shingle underlayment that is allowing water to seep into the house. Inadequate ventilation could also be the culprit, which causes excessive moisture — conditions in which mold and mildew thrive.


Exterior Decay

Decay to your home’s exterior, like sheathing, and/or siding

Poor attic ventilation is again a possible cause, but any condition that results in excess moisture can contribute to decay. One way to combat the problem is to put a vapor barrier between the insulation and the inside of the house, which can reduce the amount of moisture that goes into a wall and help the moisture escape from the wall.


Damaged Shingles

If you see missing, cracked, or curled shingles on your roof, call us!

If you see that your shingles are dry or practically break when touched, that means they have reached the end of their useful life and it’s time to invest in a new roof. You might need roof repairs if your roofing shingles look dirty, worn, or curled.

Damaged shingles are definitely a sign you need a roofing estimate – book yours online now!


Shingle Granule Loss

Shingle granules on the ground or in the gutter signal your roof needs help

While finding loose shingles on the ground are easy to spot, a more subtle sign that your roof is showing signs of wear and tear is finding shingle granules found in the gutter or on the ground below (especially around gutter downspouts). This means that the shingles are beginning to deteriorate, and little particles are falling off.

Since the shingles are starting to wear, it’s a perfect time for an inspection. It doesn’t always mean that you need a full roof replacement – oftentimes, we are able to replace a few shingles for a simple repair. Call us now for a full evaluation.


Sagging roof deck

If you notice that your roof is beginning to sag, it’s time to take a look.

Once your roof starts sagging, the roof may not function optimally due to compromises in the structure. You’ll want a professional roofer to look at both the sagging roofline outside and the rafters in the attic that are supporting the roof.

When it comes to a sagging roof, it’s critical to examine the entire roof and structure to determine the cause of the sag. Golden Group Roofing will perform a full inspection and can replace any plywood that is no longer supporting at full capacity.

We can also install angling braces to shore up the rafters and use other methods to ensure stability, and then address the issues that caused the damage to the roof in the first place.


Missing Shingles

Shingles are the first line of protection for your home.

Sometimes missing shingles can be obvious from the view on the ground, and other times a homeowner may find this upon visual inspection, especially after a strong storm or clearing debris off the roof.

Shingles are a critical component to preventing water, snow, ice, pests and moisture from entering your home. If you discover missing shingles (either by finding them on the ground or by looking at the roof), call Golden Group Roofing for a full inspection and potential repair.


Excessive Energy Cost

Are your energy bills high compared to friends and neighbors?

A possible cause of higher home energy costs could be insufficient attic ventilation, requiring the cooling system to run excessively. In warm weather, inadequate ventilation will trap hot air in the attic, causing air-conditioning systems to work harder, or leaving your home’s interior hotter and less comfortable. In both hot and cold weather, moisture in the attic can become trapped and condense on the rafters if it’s not insulated properly. This moisture can drip down onto the insulation and reduce its effectiveness, potentially increasing energy costs.


Critters in the attic

If you have unwanted guests in your attic, call now!

Even if you have no visible openings in your roof, sometimes insects and wildlife can make their way in. Naturally this is a nuisance, but it can lead to serious problems.

If you suspect you have unwanted guests in your attic, call now for a roof inspection. While a pest control company can handle the critters that are already there, a trained roofing professional can seal up any holes in your roof system to prevent others from getting in.


Outside light in the attic

Your roof should be a protective barrier between your home and outside.

Aside from the windows, if you are inside the attic looking up at the roof, you should not see daylight shining through.

Daylight coming through means that other things can come through too – including the smallest drips of water and the tiniest of pests. Water and insect damage can wreak expensive havoc on your home, so the sooner you can close up the small gaps the better.


More than 20 years old

Just like everything , your roof will wear down over time

Just like everything in our homes, your roof will wear down over time, especially since stands up to the harsh external elements such as wind, rain, snow, debris, and humidity.

Even if you just want a roof “tune up” and peace of mind, Golden Group Roofing can perform a thorough inspection of your entire roof system, and perform any minor repairs you may need to keep it in working order, and give you an honest assessment of the remaining life of your existing roof.