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Skylight Replacement and Solar Installation in Acton, MA

Two doctors, married with a young child and a very busy lifestyle, were considering investing in solar energy. They wanted to be certain that their return on investment (ROI) would make sense. Moreover, they wanted to be sure solar energy would increase their quality of life, not complicate it.

The husband, Chris, asked his father, a retired electrician, to help them ask the right questions of the companies they were considering. When Golden Group Roofing was called in for an interview, Dad was there to ask the right questions and listen for the right answers.

He advised his son and daughter-in-law, “When it comes to electrical work, you hire the company that will stand behind their product … the company with the best record, not the cheapest price.” Dad knew the importance of having a local company that would be there in the event there were issues in the future. He didn’t want his son to have to worry about the project as it was in-process.

The best materials

Dad was a big help in the decision-making process. He agreed to the materials Golden Group specified in their proposal, including GAF Ultra HD shingles, the best in the industry. GAF Ultra laminate shingles feature a 30-year stain guard and a limited warranty against blue-green algae discoloration.

They selected Hanwha solar panels and an Enphase Inverter. Hanwha Solutions has become a global leader in the solar industry, known for its leading technology and excellence in quality. The Enphase Microinverter(tm) System converts the DC power generated by the solar panels into AC power that is used in the home. Enphase is considered the best microinverter manufacturer on the market, with a solid track record, low failure rate, high quality, and advanced system monitoring. The entire solar system size was 14.58 kw – a big system because the homeowners were thinking ahead about the needs of their family as it grew. The planning process was comprehensive with a clear vision of future requirements.

In addition, the skylights on the roof were to be replaced, adding another element to the planning process.

Skylight Replacement and Solar Installation Challenges in Acton, MA

The roof lines of the large home were complex. Wires in the attic had to be transferred from one roofing plane to another. The large property required three electricians on site along with six roofers. That’s a lot of people to manage without stepping on each other’s toes! Chris’s father was on-hand throughout the installation and acted as general contractor for the project. Greta Bajarmi, CEO of Golden Group Roofing commented, “It was great to have him there. He represented a lot of wisdom and experience and our team soaked up his advice and tips.”

She added, “It warmed my heart to see a father who cared so much. He came from Long Island, NY to see that all went smoothly with the project and to ensure the safety of his children and grandchildren. To be allowed to see into people’s homes and lives and to witness the family dynamic is a blessing.”

The Solar Installation Process

The day of the start of installation is a celebration. Bajrami says, “We’ve been planning this day for weeks…just like planning a wedding when the caterer, florist, musicians, and wedding party need to know when, where, and how everyone will smoothly work together.”

If you as a homeowner are approached by a roofer who promises to be able to install a new roof tomorrow and in one day, don’t trust that company. Golden Group Roofing makes its customers a promise, too, that when you hire Golden Group, you can be confident you will not have to worry about anything. We promise you that if we are going to do it, we are going to do it right.

Solutions for Solar Installation in Acton, MA

The installation took three days, but the process from start to finish encompassed nine weeks. Golden Group and the client signed the contract on May 1st and the installation was completed on June 25th. The paperwork was submitted on July 11th – permits and final permission to operate from the grid and meter switch.

Our Solar Director, Matt Weiner inspected all proposals to make sure that the system would not be too tight on the roof; that the clearances were correct. He met with the customer and did a site evaluation after the client agreed to proceed with the project. This rigorous attention to detail means minimal risk of unpleasant surprises later. Looking at structural and design plans do not provide our technicians with the whole picture. A site evaluation is key to a successful project.

The day before, production did a site inspection of the property and checked to be sure everything is ready. The correct materials have arrived; the dumpsters are in place; the porta potties are set up; all information is accurate. Quality assurance is of optimal importance.

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