Leaky Roof Repair in Acton


The Problem:

Our team was contacted by this property’s homeowner to solve a leaky roof repair in Acton. Moss and algae were visible in areas where trees were covering the home; the property is a split level ranch. Upon careful observation we realized that the ridge vent was not adequately cut to allow for proper air-outtake. There were some visible rotted trim, that added to our ventilation concern to the property.

The Meeting:

Our consultant Freddy Campoverde, met with the property owners to discuss the roof replacement of the home. Upon inspection, Freddy took the time to evaluate the current conditions of the roofing system. Freddy walked on the current roof to inspect the roof valleys, as some of the roof valleys needed install details and attention to prevent future leaks and issues. The property has a low pitch of 6/12 and multiple transitions and valleys that failure to install correctly, can result in entry points of water. At the meeting we realized that the homeowners were facing challenges due to prior installation and craftsmanship errors. Although this type of home can seem easy to work on, it is important to consider the pitch and the amount of valleys. Failure to have excellent craftsmanship, will result in costly repairs in the future.

The Solution:

For this property, our team of experts and GAF factory trained roofers identified rotted plywood that needed to be replaced. They assessed the valleys properly to install the leak barrier, or also known as the Weatherwatch Ice and Water Shield Membrane to make these vulnerable areas to snow and ice be water tight. Our decision to apply up to 9 feet of ice and water was made because the pitch of this home makes it vulnerable to ice and water laying on the roof for prolonged periods of time. The chimney of this property was also re-leaded properly to ensure that this penetration in the roof is well sealed and water tight.

The Conclusion:

With the new GAF Roofing System installed by our GAF factory trained roofer, the homeowner will have a roofing system that will last free of leaks for 25 years plus! Our team of trained professionals applied all manufacturer and building code specifications to ensure the project is covered by the unbeatable Golden Pledge Warranty.

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