Top 3 Tips for the Rising Entrepreneur

This spring, Golden Group Roofing’s CEO Greta Bajrami chatted with Annie Cebulski, host of ProRemodeler’s Women at Wirc podcast. Greta and Annie took an honest look at some of the challenges of being a rising entrepreneur in the remodeling world. Greta shared her top tips for the rising entrepreneur.

Recognize when you need to delegate

“Being an entrepreneur and a business owner are two different things,” says Greta.  At first, we start off doing everything for our business. But as we grow, we need to ask ourselves “am I the right person to run the daily operations?”  

Maybe you have the vision for the company, the passion for the work, or the knack for branding and marketing.  But that could be an entirely different skill set than what’s needed for streamlining operations, supporting your staff, and ensuring excellent customer service.

Building a team to handle the different aspects of running your business may seem daunting at first, especially when the business is a personal passion. But delegating to the right team members is actually a gift to yourself, so you won’t burn out trying to do everything yourself.


But take your time to find the best fit

Recognizing the need to take on new team members and delegate is the first step, but don’t rush into filling the roles, says Greta.  

Take your time to really get to know the candidates and make sure that not only are they qualified – but they match your style.  You want to make sure that they really fit with the personality of your leadership team. In order for things to work smoothly, you’ll need to enjoy working with them, and look forward to sharing the company’s success with them.

Educate and prepare your clients to reduce their stress

By far the biggest stress-buster on the job is reducing the anxiety of your customers.  Golden Group Roofing has had tremendous success with proving prospects with no-pressure consultations that include comprehensive project plans, satellite images, and estimates down to the penny.

Once a client project has been scheduled, Golden Group Roofing prepares the clients with reminders and next steps so that there are no surprises and the client feels completely comfortable with the flow of the project. This reduces the stress level of the customer – and ultimately your staff.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

The best way to grow faster with less mistakes is to always ask questions.  At Golden Group Roofing, Greta and her team cultivated professional friendships with others in their industry, building a support network where they can ask questions about projects or other issues.

They also open up their staff meetings to something that is truly collaborative instead of “top down” management presentations.  Listening to her crew gives Golden Group’s management a fresh perspective and can uncover small problems before they grow into something big. 

In fact, Greta often asks her team for honest feedback on her own management style. Always asking questions and being willing to listen honestly will help you grow and show your team that you take them seriously. 

Forge your own path – no matter what anyone else says

When Greta started out in roofing, she didn’t fit the mold of a typical roofer.  Not only was she a young millennial immigrant, she was a young mother with a child at home to feed.  

Becoming a mother in her college years changed her dreams of going to law school, and she was forced to choose a more practical career that didn’t require so many hours away from home. 

While most roofers enter into the industry through the family business, Greta started roofing from scratch.  She was truly a “rootless entrepreneur.”

But she wasn’t about to let any define her with labels such as “young mom” or “woman in roofing.”  Instead, she used what she learned in college to create a business that staked its reputation on high quality craftsmanship and forward-thinking customer service. 

Today, she is known only as Greta Bajrami, the CEO of a top multi-million dollar roofing company that satisfies homeowners all over Massachusetts. Because Greta is so passionate about helping other entrepreneurs get a leg up on the journey to make their vision a reality, she created the Rootless Entrepreneur platform.  

You don’t have to go it alone!  Check out the blueprints and resources created by entrepreneurs that have come before you on the Rootless Entrepreneur website at

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