Greta speaks about Women in Roofing for Roofing Association Webinar

Women in roofing have a unique perspective, and Golden Group owner Greta Bajrami explains it in her 2017 keynote, "Women in Roofing".

Golden Group roofing teamWhen we think of women in construction, it’s always a topic that for many,  rises a lot of questions. If we think back to 10 or 15 years ago: Was there women in construction?! Many would  jump and say; NO!

Women in construction may have not been a popular career of choice years ago, but today, it is all changing right before our eyes.

Women are in construction, women are in roofing, and not because someone made them, but because they love it.

I am a women in Roofing, and I love my job. I love working in roofing. Being on a construction site, the demand of the crew, the energy of the team is something I enjoy. The fact that no two homes are alike, and that each job is like a puzzle, a puzzle where we are all working side by side to solve it as quickly as possible.

The best  part of the job; The homeowners and their stories. It is what I look forward to on each install. I love connecting with each and everyone of our clients. They help me better my self and become the best version of me.

Being a women in construction, there are good and bad day. The bad days;  all to often women have to prove them self in this field. They have to prove their knowledge and prove that they belong. People tend to discredit the fact that a women may know everything about construction and Roofing and that she is indeed the expert in the field.

There has been many times, where I have had to prove myself. Times where I am put on the spot to test my knowledge. Times where I am viewed as someone who might not know about my industry.

However, this is when the good day comes. The good day for me in roofing is the day, I am able to show someone my knowledge, and my expertise in roofing and construction. The good day is The moment they visit one of my job installations or speak to one of my truly satisfied clients. The moment they see me take the lead and execute the installation, oh so perfectly. This is the best day.

I love what I do, no one will change that. My passion shows each and every day.

Being a women in Roofing is something I promote and adore. I see more and more

Women in my field each day. I am so thankful to be a part of history, and experience the women in Roofing movement.For more information, or if you would like to Join and become a part of Women in Roofing please click on the link below.

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