10 Key Questions to Ask Your Home Siding Contractor for Your Greater Boston Area Home

There’s a reason that the home siding industry is growing at a rapid pace. The latest home siding products are durable, stylish, energy efficient, pest resistant, and often last longer than their wooden counterparts.

Looking to upgrade your home siding? Look no further than Golden Group.

Many home siding products even boast excellent fire resistance and sustainability. With so many options, it can be difficult to choose! Here are 10 home siding questions to ask to find the best fit for your budget and priorities for your home.

Golden Group Roofing's team member holding up a leveler for home siding. Home Siding Questions to Ask Your Contractor for Your Greater Boston Area Home.

We’ve put together 10 home siding questions to ask your contractor to help you get started with the process.

1. What are the latest home siding trends?

Most homeowners are looking to improve their home’s curb appeal – either to sell in the short term or enjoy a beautiful home for years to come. Not everyone has the time to keep up with the hottest styles in home construction, but your home sider should!

At Golden Group Roofing, our team attends training and industry conferences each year to learn about the latest technology and design trends for both new construction and home remodeling. Ask your home sider which styles are gaining popularity, and which looks are on the way out.

Side view of a home with home siding done by Golden Group Roofing.Home Siding Questions to Ask Your Contractor for Your Greater Boston Area Home.

2. When should I replace my existing home siding?

While siding offers long lasting protection for your home, if it’s been a few decades, it may be time to take a look at updating or replacing it. 

Ask your home sider to do an inspection of your property to look for:

  • Excessive wear and tear
  • Punctures and cracks
  • Any siding pulling away from the home
  • Mold, algae, or mildew growth
  • Pest damage

3. What kind of siding do you install?

Not every home siding contractor offers all the products on the market. You’ll want to find out exactly what your options are. At Golden Group Roofing, we do extensive testing for high quality products and make sure to stay up on the latest design trends.  

We offer a variety of durable and beautiful home siding options, including:

4. What are the pros and cons of each home siding option?

With all the latest technological advancements, homeowners have many excellent options to choose from that all offer curb appeal, longevity, and low maintenance. So it can be difficult to choose between all the options.

Ask your home sider to review the advantages of each home siding option and how it relates to your individual property, goals, and budget.  At Golden Group Roofing, we cover all of this during our no-obligation consultation call.  Feel free to check out our guide on choosing the right home siding option for you.

5. Can I achieve the beach cedar shingle look with siding?

Here in New England, many people love the nostalgic classic look of cedar shingles, often found on coastline beach houses. But you don’t have to go through the expense and maintenance of cedar shingles – you can replicate the look with siding options such as Tando’s Beach House Shake Siding.

Ask your home siding company if they offer cedar shake-look alike siding in a variety of nautical colors so that you can enjoy the long-lasting protection and beach house look, without the short lifespan and vulnerability to rot and pests of cedar shingles.

Front view of beach house siding. Siding Choices for your Beach House.

6. Can I see what home siding will look like ahead of time?

It’s exciting to refresh the look of your home, but sometimes it’s difficult to fully envision what a new color or style of siding will actually look like. Wouldn’t it be great if you could see what it would look like ahead of time?

Fortunately, you can! Ask your home sider for a 3D rendering of your property with the new color, shake, and casings. This is your opportunity to play around with different options to ensure you get the look that you love.

At Golden Group Roofing, we’ve invested in high end professional tools so that you can actually see a picture of what your home will look like when the final project is done. Our customers love the ability to “envision” their final design.

7. What other home updates should we make at the same time as the siding?

When your site manager comes out to evaluate your property, be sure to ask if there are any other aspects of the home you should consider updating.

For example, updating your home siding is an optimal time to replace your exterior lighting.  This is because your electrician will have ample access to the interior wires while the siding is being replaced.  And it’s an excellent opportunity to find lighting that matches the new look of their home.

Deck with a light to showcase choosing new home siding for your home by Golden Group Roofing.

8. What is the upkeep and maintenance of home siding?

This all depends on the type of products you use for your home siding. Some products, such as vinyl and polymer composite, require very little maintenance. Others will provide excellent longevity with some attention, such as repainting every few years or the occasional caulking touch ups. 

Your home sider will review everything you need to know in order to keep your home siding looking good and watertight for years to come.

9. Who will handle any applicable municipal permits?

Most large home improvements require a permit from your local building code enforcement agency. At Golden Group Roofing, we’re familiar with building code in our area and make sure that everything meets local code. 

We’ll even pull the permits and begin the permit closing process (as well as the dumpster rental and return) on your behalf, so you can rest assured that everything is taken care of. You should always ask your home siding contractor about pulling permits and debris removal before committing to the project.

10. How long does it take to replace my home siding?

There are several steps we take in order to do a thorough and excellent job for our customers. This includes site inspections, permit applications, and more. Always ask the home siding contractor about the process from start to finish so that you can properly plan for the preparation and the time onsite. We’ve put together a comprehensive project outline for all of our home siding projects.

Still not sure what home siding questions to ask? Contact Golden Group Roofing today for expert advice.

We know that choosing your home siding can feel overwhelming – but with so many great options, we’re happy to help you find the best one.  That’s why Golden Group Roofing offers our free consultation calls to answer all your home siding questions. If you’re in the Worcester County, Middlesex County, or Suffolk County area, book your no-obligation consultation now or call 508-873-1884 to get started.