What’s New in Roofing from NERCA in 2023?

Staying on top of the latest technologies and maintaining good relationships with the manufacturers is a significant priority for Golden Group Roofing. We invest in our team by sending them to explore the latest and greatest innovations and further our relationships with the manufacturers during the two day event.

Staying up to date on roofing technologies and trends

As part of our commitment to remain leaders in the roofing industry, the team at Golden Group Roofing has once again attended the NERCA Conference (North East Roofing Contractors Association) at Mohegan Sun in February 2023. 

We love getting a sneak peek at the latest developments and can’t wait to bring these latest advancements to our customers in the Greater Boston area. Here are some of our incredible finds at the NERCA conference this year.

New from the NERCA conference: GAF’s new ultra and solar shingles

Our team was excited to check out the latest GAF Timberline Solar™ shingles which will revolutionize solar energy as they eliminate the need for additional solar panels from the NERCA conference. The shingles are the solar system themselves! This technology is being perfected but we soon should see it available and Massachusetts soon when it is ready.

GAF also shared their brand new Timberline® UHDZ™ shingles, a thicker, premium grade shingle with a dramatic shadow look. These shingles come with a new 30-year limited warranty coverage for algae discoloration. You can check out the latest specs and information on GAF’s website.

New project planning tool to help you plan

At Golden Group Roofing, we’re open to all new technologies…and not just roofing materials! We’ve recently invested in a new customer service tool that will allow us to present detailed roofing project plans. This is designed to make it easy for property owners (who aren’t in the roofing industry) to understand each phase of the projector.

We’re committed to being fully transparent and treating our customers the way we want to be treated. So our comprehensive project plans contain all the information, details, and pricing that our customers need to make highly informed decisions. Thankfully, our new SumoQuote software will allow us to present complicated technical information in a consumer friendly way. 

More favorable financing options for your next roofing project

A new roof or a new home siding project can be a big long term investment. Many property owners want to make sure they invest in the highest quality materials from the beginning. However, they often need financing support to do so.

We’re always on the lookout for new financing partners and provide many excellent options for our customers. At the NERCA conference, we developed a relationship with a new financing partner for both roofing and solar projects. This is complete with a competitive APR (annual percentage rate) and longer terms available. 

This new financing partner comes at a perfect time, as Golden Group Roofing is expanding our solar division in 2023. We know that many homeowners are looking for eco-friendly and energy efficient solutions like solar. This type of loan with favorable terms will allow property owners to install solar solutions and reap the savings. This is important especially at a time when energy costs are soaring and the current technology is so advanced.

Your experienced local roofers are here to serve

As always, Golden Group Roofing strives to provide excellent customer service and to push the roofing industry forward. We invest in new technology and training for our employees like the NERCA Conference. We’re committed to high-quality craftsmanship and long-lasting protection for roofs and home siding all across Massachusetts. 

If you are looking for a new roof, home siding or solar options, call 508-873-1884 or schedule your free  consultation online.

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