Our Siding Installation Process

A homeowners guide to siding installation

 The advanced home siding products available today are stronger and more beautiful than ever. So whether you want to repair damaged or aged siding or simply want a more attractive look, we’re ready to help.

Starting the siding process

Replacing your home siding can dramatically improve the curb appeal of your home, not to mention protect one of your most valuable assets against the harsh Boston area weather.

We always begin with a free no obligation consultation. Our project manager will meet you at your home or property at a time that is convenient for you.

Next we will review the home siding installation design using a 3D rendering and giving you various options.

In our second consultation we will review the installation plan and get the ball rolliing. 

Finally, your job will be underway. We guarantee quality, professionalism and 100% satisfaction. We end our process with setting up your warranty and you get to sit back and enjoy your new restored home!

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What to expect during the siding process

Your First Step is an Intensive Discovery Session

To determine a through estimate, we will conduct an intensive discovery session of your home or property. Our team is trained to inspect:
  • The condition and age of the current siding system
  • Checking for signs of rot, pests, damage
  • Assessing any existing issues known to the homeowner
  • Looking for ways to improve energy efficiency

Your expert will take measurements of the building and plenty of photographs to help prepare your project plan. We’ll work closely with you to understand why you want to replace the siding (such as cosmetic reasons or easier maintenance) and answer any questions.

Review the home siding installation design.

Now that our team understands your needs, your preferences, and your property, we can create your custom design. We’ve invested in professional tools to generate detailed 3D rendering of the property so that you can envision how your home siding will look.
To show you the different options, we may include shake in some aspects and clapboard in others. We may even show you how vertical boards and black window casings can improve the dramatic look of the home. These designs will give you a visual opportunity to pick the style and color that you love. Next, we’ll review pricing in our detailed project plan and contract. Our customers love that Golden Group Roofing goes beyond the “ballpark estimates” and actually provides a project plan with detailed line items.

Our second consultation will finalize your design

You don’t have to worry about a thing – Golden Group will handle all the planning. Once the deposit is received, we’ll get the ball rolling. Our first step is to apply for permits at your local town government.
Our pre-production quality assurance team will come to your property to verify all the details of the project plan to make sure everything is in place. They will make sure everything runs smoothly on installation day, including finding the appropriate locations to stage equipment and store materials while replacing the home siding. The quality assurance team will work closely with the homeowner to ensure that the residents have easy access to and from the home, because the home siding project can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks to complete, depending on size and complexity. Homeowners find that the best time to replace exterior lighting is during the home siding replacement process, allowing their electrician easy access. This is something our team will review with you to see if you’d like to add some additional style and drama to your home exterior.

The siding installation process is now underway

Finally, installation day has arrived. Our home siding crew will arrive and prepare the property for the project as planned. The crew will be removing the entire existing siding/exterior over the first few days.

We will do a full demolition (instead of in sections) because it gives our crew an opportunity to evaluate the condition of the structure underneath the siding (that was previously hidden). This enables them to mitigate any newly discovered issues (such as rot or insulation problems) at the beginning of your project.

Once the entire siding has been removed, the team will make your home watertight and leak proof as we move to the next stages.

During the actual installation process, our production manager will connect with the homeowner to provide status updates, photos of progress, and answer any questions.

Once the project is complete, we’ll do a final walkthrough with the project manager. Then the Golden Group team will take care of the entire cleanup, including the dumpster and porta potty removal. We’ll also begin the permit closing process to finalize everything with your town or city.

At this time, we’ll review all of your warranty information, close out the final invoice, and share how to reach the team at Golden Group roofing with any questions going forward. That’s it – it’s time to enjoy your new beautiful siding.

Golden Group is proud to offer several types of durable and attractive home siding, including:

41 colors. 3 styles. Unlimited possibilities. As the setting for your life story, your home should reflect your family’s lifestyle and personality. With the widest color spectrum in the vinyl siding industry, Monogram offers unparalleled versatility to design your home to your unique taste.

James Hardie® fiber cement siding is an ideal choice for Greater Boston area. It won’t rot, crack, or split, plus it holds paint up to three times longer than wood. Baked-on ColorPlus® technology has exceptional resistance to fading, chipping, and cracking.

Get the advantages of a completely new category of siding from Everlast. The innovative triple-composite material combines inorganic minerals, polymer resins, and acrylic colorants for a thick, solid, and strong siding with extreme durability and protection from pests. This innovative triple-composite siding by Everlast stands out among premium siding options. Everlast’s advanced engineering removes the need and bother of costly maintenance while boosting curb appeal. When you choose Everlast, you choose siding that stands out among premium siding options.


Quick installation. Great coverage. Low maintenance. Enjoy the look of natural cedar shake siding at its best with iconic TandoShake(™) siding. Achieve your personalized taste by designing according to your architectural preference. A wide range of colors is available in five styles. Imagine how your home will look with the style you’ve always wanted: Cape Cod Perfection, two types of Roughsawn Cedar Shingle, Rustic Cedar, and Hand-Split Shake–all with an extensive choice of solid or natural colors.

Beautify your Massachusetts home with new siding

Let’s start the siding installation process today.

Not sure what the differences are between the products? No problem. Our expert will take the time to review all of the options and make recommendations based on your particular property and needs.

This is an excellent time to reimagine how your home can look going forward. With various styles such as shake, clapboard, and board and batten, you’ll have the opportunity to see what appeals to you and how to maximize its curb appeal.

While we’re discussing your home siding replacement, this is an excellent opportunity to review any potential window or door replacements, depending on your objectives. Feel free to ask our project manager any questions during the process. Everything will be discussed in detail so we can prepare for the second consultation.

During the second consultation we will finalize your design

Time to imagine your new look! Feel free to look through current design trends and get inspired. In this final consultation, you’ll choose your colors, trim, style, and window wrap selections as well as any applicable window and door selections. Golden Group Roofing will advise you of material availability and any cost differentials (some colors and styles are premium products). Once the design is complete, the final numbers are presented and the contract is ready to be signed.

Ready to design your new exterior project?

When you’re ready to give your house a fresh look with beautiful and durable home siding, give Golden Group Roofing a call at 508-873-1884 for your no-obligation estimate. Or, book your free consultation online to begin the siding installation process. Golden Group Roofing services the Greater Boston, MA areas, including Worcester Country, Suffolk County, and Middlesex County.

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