5 Home Exterior Tips for Homeowners in the Greater Boston, MA area

Your home’s exterior isn’t just the welcoming first impression to your guests, it’s also your home’s first line of defense. It protects your home from the harsh elements of the Massachusetts winters and pests that may be looking for a new home.

Taking care of your home exterior maintenance seasonally

Taking care of your home exterior maintenance each year is a critical step to keeping your home well-maintained. Here are 5 home exterior tips for property owners to make sure they catch small issues before they become big ones.

home exterior maintenance

1. Start with a basic visual inspection

With our busy lives, we don’t often stop to inspect the low-traffic areas of our homes – the hidden corners or entrances that we don’t use. Take a walk around your home every few weeks or months just to see what’s going on with your home exterior maintenance. By doing this, you may be able to catch issues sooner rather than later.

2. Wash and inspect your home exterior carefully

As part of your semi-annual home maintenance, give your home siding a good power wash. Power washers are very strong, so be sure to follow all safety precautions, including not pointing the power washer at yourself and others, being aware that power washing can cause damage or injury, and always ensuring the power washer and receptacle are properly grounded. See the CDC’s full list of precautions here.

Not only does washing your home siding make your home look fresh and inviting, but it also allows you to see what’s going on underneath the occasional dirt and grime.

3. Check your home exterior for signs of repair or replacement

Now that you’ve cleaned your home siding, walk around all sides of your home with a careful eye. Do you see any cracks or gaps that need to be filled? These can let pests and moisture in – and that can cause trouble. Inspect from different angles to catch any sections that bulge out or even cave inward. If you have wooden siding, check for rotting or “spongy” wood as well.

At Golden Group Roofing, we’re here to help with home siding repairs. If you need a full home siding replacement, we have several home siding options available that require minimal maintenance, protect against the harsh Boston weather, and boost your home’s curb appeal.

4. Clean your gutters regularly to prevent water damage and roof issues

Here in New England, we are blessed with beautiful fall foliage. And with that comes plenty of fallen leaves, pine needles, and other debris. When they end up in your gutters, it’s no surprise that they can cause blockages and clog the gutter downspouts.

Even if your property doesn’t typically collect a lot of fallen leaves or pine needles, there can be plenty of miscellaneous debris blown in there from the wind. Blocking the gutters means that the rainwater can build up and leak into your home. They can also contribute to damaging ice dams in the winter.

Because the gutters are so high up, it’s difficult to visually inspect from the ground level, and it can be dangerous for the homeowner to get up there themselves. It’s best to have a trained professional use a safe and sturdy way to access your gutters and clear out the debris. Ask the professional to check the gutters for any cracks, dents, or damage while they are cleaning.

5. Assess your roofing system (including shingles and chimney)

Just like gutters, your roofing system might be out of sight but shouldn’t be out of mind. Give it a quick visual inspection and look for signs that you might need a roof repair. When in doubt, call a professional roofing company like Golden Group Roofing, and we’re happy to send a team member to inspect your roof for you. We have a fully trained crew that’s available all year round to service our Massachusetts customers with roof issues, even during the winter months.

We make the roof replacement and home exterior maintenance process as smooth as possible.

If you do need a home siding repair or replacement, you can count on the experts at Golden Group Roofing. Give us a call and we’ll do a comprehensive inspection to make sure the exterior of your home is watertight. Simply call Golden Group Roofing at (508) 873-1884 or book your home exterior maintenance (solar, roofing, and siding) inspection online. We service the Greater Boston, MA area, including Worcester County, Middlesex County, and Suffolk County.