Residential Siding Trends for MA in 2024

Looking at 2024, residential siding trends in Massachusetts are exciting and diverse, and reflect a growing appreciation for individuality and sustainability here in the Bay State.

What's new in exterior home siding in MA?

There’s much more to the residential siding trends than just picking a new color.

From natural textures and materials to eco-friendly materials and exciting new trim options, 2024 promises a new era of functionality meets creativity for home siding trends in the Greater Boston area.

siding of exterior home.

Residential siding trends for MA in 2024

Natural textures and materials

Cutting edge materials lead the way in residential siding trends this year. Exterior siding acts as an appealing focal point and a weather barrier for your home. If your desire is to stand out from your neighbors’ homes, a new siding can change the appearance and character of your home. 

Here are some siding trends dictated by the natural texture of the material selected. In 2024, the trend leans to harmonizing the natural world with the exterior style of the home siding in MA. 

Expect to see a rise in siding options that mimic the textures and colors found in nature. Wood-grain patterns are expected to continue to be popular in the northeast, providing a warm and organic look. 

Cedar siding trends

Cedar wood siding is a premium material that rises above other styles because of its design flexibility, durability, ease of maintenance, and natural beauty. It is available in a variety of design styles:

Lap & Bevel is a classic pattern that is widely used. Its timeless beauty provides design options based on the finish selected. It is available in clear or knotty grade with a variety of stain options.

Tongue & Groove can be installed with either the rough or smooth side out horizontally, vertically, or diagonally for an innovative look.

Cedar shakes offer dimension and warmth. In the New England states, the beautiful natural color of cedar is preferred, but it can also be painted or stained to create a custom look. Depending on your style, cedar shakes can be rough for a rustic charm, or smooth and sleek for a contemporary personality.

Cultured Stone

Another popular choice in Massachusetts combines the timeless appeal of natural stone with modern manufacturing techniques. Cultured stone is crafted from lightweight aggregate materials, such as concrete, and molded to replicate the look of natural stone. It is an eco-friendly alternative that offers durability and an upscale design aesthetic.

Fiber cement siding

For homeowners looking for a durable, low-maintenance, and aesthetically versatile exterior siding, fiber cement is a popular choice in 2024.

Fiber cement siding is made up of a blend of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers. It is chosen for its weather resistance, energy efficiency, and design flexibility.

Golden Group Roofing specializes in James Hardie fiber cement siding installation for homes throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire. James Hardie is a recognized leader in the siding industry, with quality products that offer lifetime value, curb appeal, performance and durability, and sustainability. 

James Hardie siding offers superior fire protection and is specifically engineered to hold up to the bitter cold winters, heavy rains, and the snow experienced in the Massachusetts and New Hampshire winters.

With a diverse array of collections, from backer board to lap siding, Golden Group is proud to install James Hardi products for New England’s classic colonials to contemporary home designs.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Options

Environmental consciousness continues to shape consumer choices and in 2024, sustainable siding options are gaining greater popularity. Homeowners are asking for materials that are durable and environmentally responsible. 

Each year more and more homeowners are implementing recycled and reclaimed materials in their homes. The overall eco-friendliness of a material may depend on a variety of factors, including its recyclability, durability, and energy efficiency. 

Textured Finishes

In 2024 we’ll see a rise in textured finishes that add depth and visual interest vs the smooth, flat finishes that have long been the popular choice in siding. There are subtle patterns and textures with deeper finishes that create a tactile and dynamic exterior look. This trend relies on texture rather than bold color or intricate architectural details to add character to the home’s façade.

Tried and true siding choices that remain at the top of homeowner choices

Vinyl siding

Vinyl siding is an outstanding choice for homeowners seeking versatility and convenience in their siding options. This material, known for its durability and low maintenance, is available in a vast array of colors you can even repaint vinyl siding if you want a color change. So, whether you are looking for a bold, eye-catching hue or a soft, traditional color, vinyl siding has you covered. 

One of the key advantages of vinyl siding is its color retention capabilities. Unlike other siding materials that may require painting or staining, vinyl siding’s color is baked into the material itself during the manufacturing process. This means that the color does not fade easily over time, and you do not have to worry about repainting or touching up. 

The wide selection of available colors gives you the freedom to express your personal taste and create a look that’s uniquely yours. Whether your architectural style is a modern minimalist, a rustic farmhouse, or anything in between, there’s a vinyl siding color that will suit your home perfectly.

Composite siding

For extreme durability, especially in the harsh New England climate, homeowners have long chosen composite siding.  At Golden Group, Everlast ® is our number one choice. It is the most advanced composite siding sold and homeowners will enjoy decades of color-fast beauty with virtually no maintenance required. 

The innovative triple-composite material is impervious to water and engineered for extreme performance. It is fade-resistant with an acrylic colorant layer that is chemically bonded to the substrate for long-lasting color and luster. In addition, the all-inorganic composition is resistant to wood-boring insects, removing the need for costly and recurring pest control. Planks and panels are embossed with the imprint of a rough-sawn plank of top-grade cedar to enhance curb appeal.

New Siding Trends: Color

It can be overwhelming to select just the right color for your siding. The color makes a significant impact on the home appeal, so you should take the time to consider the options. 

Do you want to make a statement with a bold and vibrant color? Or do you prefer a more subdued and classic look in your MA home? Should you select a color that complements the neighborhoods’ architectural style, or one that sets your home apart from the rest?

Siding color preferences

A survey conducted by The Harris Poll revealed that off-white/cream was the preferred choice among American homeowners. In addition, 45% of homeowners said they would choose a timeless neutral if they were going to update the color of their home exterior in 2024.

Only 11% named light brown and 9% said they would select a medium blue. The 45% who selected a neutral chose off-white/cream (16%), light gray (15%) and white (14%).

Greta Bajrami, founder and CEO of Golden Group Roofing, said, “The choice of the exterior color of the home is a significant decision when beginning a home improvement project. Homeowners can refresh the exterior of their homes with a color that updates and reflects their personality as well as the character of the home. It is no wonder that the decision is an important one.”

Dark and bold; high contrast; and monochromatic colors

While neutral tones have long dominated exterior color palettes, 2024 is predicted to introduce a bevy of bold and vibrant hues for siding. 

The color trends that are gaining popularity include dark and bold colors, like deep charcoal, rich navy, and black for those homeowners who are looking for a sense of drama and sophistication in their home exterior. 

High contrast design trends combine light and dark tones with a light-color siding and dark accents or vice versa. This creates a dynamic visual impact that highlights architectural details.

Using monochromatic color schemes – shades of a single-color ranging from light to dark, creates a cohesive and modern look. This 2024 trend emphasizes clean lines and a contemporary look allowing the architectural features to stand out.

More siding trends: accents and trim

Wood accents

Incorporating wood accents, such as decorative panels or trim, adds a touch of natural elegance to the home’s exterior. This 2024 trend seamlessly blends a modern look with classic charm which creates a harmonious balance that is increasingly popular.

Dark accents

Adding a dark accent into the siding design is a 2024 trend that adds depth and contrast. Trim, shutters, or architectural features can utilize this idea to create a striking visual effect against lighter colored siding, resulting in a modern and sophisticated exterior.

Vertical elements

The use of vertical elements is gaining momentum. Vertical siding or paneling contributes to a fresh and contemporary look that emphasizes clean lines. It adds a sense of height and enhances curb appeal with a unique twist.

Mix & match textures

Combining textured details, such decorative panels can break up large areas and bring character to the design. The result is a cutting-edge exterior design and a distinctive personality that reflects your unique style.

What is the siding trend that is best for your home?

You may need some help deciding which of the residential siding trends for 2024 you’d like for your home. Golden Group Roofing can guide you through every step of the process. Our team has decades of award-winning experience, Elite Preferred contractor status, and top-notch design services, which ensure that you’ll have exactly what you envisioned when the job is done.

With top-quality materials, innovative designs, and reliable service, we transform homes with stunning and long-lasting results. Through our HOVER technology, our clients know what their home will look like before construction begins. 

Making sense of all the residential siding options

Whether you prefer natural textures, bold colors, or innovative materials – or you want to stick to classic exterior home design with a few innovative touches – there are many options to consider. The year 2024 is an exciting time to update and improve your New England home exterior. 

Ready to explore residential siding trends for your Massachusetts home? Our team is fully equipped with software to help you design and visualize your exterior home siding remodel. We can help you navigate the trends and the classic styles that suit your personality and budget. Give us a call at (508) 873-1884 or book a free consultation online.