Lexington Roof Replacement


The Problem:

Upon arriving at this property we knew that this property was facing issues with ice dams leaking into the home. Dealing with ventilation concerns on a home is crucial, especially when living in New England. Our challenge was being able to address the ventilation problem, the moisture that had rotted plywood, and the ice dams that the homeowner couldn’t get rid of. In addition, the property had hot water Solar Panels that needed to be removed successfully prior to the installation of the roof. We assisted the client by connecting them to a third party to safely, and appropriately remove the Solar Panels.

The Meeting:

Our consultant Xavier Carmona visited the property during the snowy month of February 2020. The client was noticing roof concerns and wanted an immediate roof replacement in the near coming weeks of spring. The consultants’ assessment concluded that due to faulty shingles that were found around the property, the roof was needed. The area of concern was the chimney, as it was very close to the roof ridge line. A new chimney re-lead was needed alongside with the new roof replacement.

The Solution:

Our team of experts and factory trainers roofers, were able to remove the old roofing system and inspect the health of the wood decking. Upon inspection they found that deck replacement was needed, in order to install the brand new roofing system. We installed the GAF Timberline HDZ Fox Hollow Grey Shingle with the GAF Weatherwatch Ice and Water Shield, and the Deck Armor Synthetic Underlayment. These components of the roofing system will alleviate the issues with ice dams, and potential leaks in the home. In addition, we installed a 12 inch filtered ridge vent to cooperate with the ventilation system of the home, to help prevent the formation of ice dams.

The Conclusion:

This contemporary home resulted with a brand new GAF Roofing System that will last a lifetime. Our team of trained professionals applied all manufacturer and building code specifications to ensure the project is covered by the unbeatable Golden Pledge Warranty.

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