Roofing Process

A new roof is not just about the shingles. It’s about the whole process, from consultation to warranty hand-off. Explore our roofing process to understand how we work.

A Look at Our Roofing Process

A new roof is not just about the shingles. It’s about the whole process, from consultation to warranty hand-off. Explore our roofing process to understand how we work.

What to know about our award-winning roofing process

Golden Group Roofing is a national and local award-winning powerhouse roofing company servicing both residential and commercial properties in Massachusetts. We are proud to be a GAF President’s Club Master Elite Contractor, a Certainteed Select Shingle Master and a GAF Certified Solar Installer.

The first step in the process is to schedule your no-obligation consultation call with Golden Group Roofing. Feel free to call our team in the office, or book an appointment online.

In the meantime, here’s a look at our roofing process and what you can expect from working with our award-winning team. Rest easy knowing you’re partnering with an experienced roofer in Massachusetts who knows the demands of a roof in this climate, and the solutions to extend its lifespan.

Golden Hammer award

Before we start laying shingles, we will:

Provide you with a cost estimate

We will visit your home and take all the measurements we need to properly quote your roof repair or roof replacement project.

Prepare for installation

We will order all the necessary materials in preparation for the roof installation project and schedule service with you.

Arrive for installation

We’ll remind you in the days before your installation of the project start date and time. We will also give you a list of action items to do before construction begins, such as removing valuables from shelves and walls, so that you’re ready to go when installation day arrives. Our team will show up on time and in uniform.

Perform a site safety inspection

We want to make sure that the workers and the homeowners are safe throughout the process and that everyone knows how to enter and exit the home safely while we roof.

Asphalt shingle installation for new roof projects

Removal of old roof

Before we begin installing the new roof, we remove the old roof to ensure the wood decking underneath is in good condition. If repairs are needed, we address them at this stage.

Installation begins

We begin by installing the ice and water shield barrier to prevent leaks caused by wind-driven rain and ice dams. This barrier is installed everywhere that we think the home may be vulnerable to leaks.

Synthetic breathable felt installed

We will cover the remainder of your roof in synthetic breathable felt, providing an extra layer between the roofing shingles and the roofing deck.

Roof edges secured

This is an important step in the roofing system installation. This step secures your roof’s edges from rain and wind damages. We install F8 Aluminum Drip Edge on all the edges of your roof, as well as GAF Pro Starter Strip Shingles to help guard against shingle blow-offs.

Asphalt shingles installed

Choosing the right shingles and asphalt roofing material is one thing, but the longevity of your new roof depends largely on the quality of the installation. Explore shingle colors on our site.

Roof Ventilation Added

After the asphalt shingles have been installed, we will then install the roof ridge vents to help exhaust heat and moisture from your attic and properly ventilate the new roofing system as well as your home. We install a 12-inch filtered GAF Cobra Snow Country Advanced Ridge Vent using three-inch hand roofing nails. We finish it off with GAF TimberTex Ridge Caps, which offer excellent protection at high-stress areas of your roof.

Protect your Massachusetts home with a new roof

Let’s start the roofing installation process today.

It all starts with a phone call. There’s never been a better time to install a new roof to beautify and protect your home. And there’s no better company to take this home improvement journey with than Golden Group Roofing. We take things step by step so you are always kept in the loop. From choosing colors to outlining the daily roofing process, our knowledgeable and friendly team puts you at ease from that first consultation.

We are here to maximize your home’s curb appeal while at the same time improving your home’s energy efficiency and ability to withstand harsh New England weather. Feel free to ask our project manager any questions during the process, especially questions in regards to solar roofing for your Greater Boston home.

The benefits to installing a new quality roof by experienced industry thought leaders can’t be understated. As the last line of defense for your home, it’s important that your roofing system be of the highest quality and installed by roofers who know what they’re doing. This powerful combination of quality and skill will result in a roof that:

  • Improves curb appeal
  • Increases energy efficiency
  • Gives you a high return on investment
  • Reduces health risks that arise from leaks and mold growth
  • Lowers your insurance premiums
  • Is backed by industry-leading warranties

When considering roofing installation in Hudson and beyond, trust your local roofer to handle the project for you from start to finish. We will make sure your system is installed according to the highest standards while protecting your roof and home.

Call Golden Group Roofing today to book your free consultation on roofing installation in Hudson, Burlington, Needham, Framingham, and surrounding areas at 508-873-1884.