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Bring your personal style home with a wide range of roof shingle colors, looks, and architectural shapes. Golden Group offers custom design services to help you in getting the perfect shingle color for your home.

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More families have found shelter and peace of mind under a GAF Timberline® roof than any other brand. And now, a good thing just got even better.


Great Value: Architecturally stylish but practically priced


High Performance: Designed with Advanced Protection® Shingle Technology


StainGuard® Algae Protection: Helps ensure the beauty of your roof against algae


WindProven™ Limited Wind Warranty: Timberline® HDZ™ Shingles come with a wind warranty with no maximum wind speed limitation.

Now that you’re ready to install a new roof comes the fun part – choosing the color! It’s a great opportunity to dress up your home and improve the curb appeal with your roof shingle color choice. Whether you decide to go with a bold statement or a subtle enhancement, you’ll have your pick of roof shingle colors to play with. Need some help?  Start with our tips here, and contact us for a free consultation for roof shingle colors today.

timberline HDZ shingles

Shingles with Seamless Compatibility

The new Timberline® HDZ™ Shingles are compatible with traditional Timberline HD® Shingles for the same look and feel homeowners and contractors rely on for beauty and endurance

GAF Style Guide

New shingles can give your home a facelift.

Whether you are preparing your house for sale, or just improving the look of your home for your own enjoyment, new shingles can have a big impact on the curb appeal of your home.

Colors have different effects.

Different roof shingle colors can evoke different moods. According to GAF’s style guide, greens and blues emulate the colors of the sky and your home’s natural surroundings. Golds can add warmth and a luxury effect, while browns can enhance the other colors of the house. Grays are the most neutral and flexible, while black is the classic color. Explore the entire GAF style guide for their color analysis and images of the roof shingle colors available.


Explore shingle colors:

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Complement the elements of your roof.

Use the color of your shingles as an accent to the entire look of the home. Consider not just the color of the siding, but also the trim and other details such as brick and stucco. You may want to use a subtle color to make the other elements “pop” …or you may want a bold look so that the overall home makes a statement.

Consider the practical side of the roof shingle color.

The curb appeal and pleasing visual impact is the first thing we think of, but don’t forget to consider other aspects of the shingle color. In general, the darker colors will absorb more heat, and the lighter colors will remain a bit cooler. This may even affect the heating and cooling of your home.

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Even after reviewing all the choices, selecting your roof shingle colors can still be overwhelming. Never fear, we have provided hundreds of new roof color consultations to homeowners all over Massachusetts. With our virtual technology, you can see a 3D rendering of your home with the new shingle colors, so you can try out a few looks before making your choice. All done virtually through our website.

You can sample the actual shingles.

As part of our free color consultation, Golden Group Roofing will deliver shingle samples to your home once you have narrowed down your favorites. You’ll have the flexibility to see the colors and textures in person and how they can complement the look of your home before you make your final decisions.

We’re here to make the new roof installation process easy – and even fun! That’s the #GoldenGroupDifference. All of our consultations can be done virtually and a time that’s most convenient for you.

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