Coffee Talk: Greta Bajrami Shares How Technology and Relationships Vaulted Golden Group to a Top Roofing Company in Massachusetts

Golden Group Roofing Founder and CEO Greta Bajrami sat down to talk with Heidi J. Ellsworth, RCS Partner for Coffee Conversations to talk about how she rose up as a young millennial female in a male dominated industry to grow Golden Group into a top roofing company in Massachusetts.

Golden Group was a frontrunner using technology for safety and efficiency

One of the biggest worker safety enhancements implemented by Golden Group Roofing actually doubles as a powerful sales tool: the drone.

When a representative from Golden Group Roofing wanted to evaluate a homeowner’s roof, instead of sending an employee up onto the roof, which always carries some risk, Golden Group invested in drones with high quality cameras.

The roofer can remain safely on the ground while taking multiple high quality images of all visible aspects of the roof. In fact, Golden Group Roofing uses drones approximately 70% of the time.

These images are then used as part of a multi-page comprehensive project plan that details everything for the homeowner with shingle options and pricing information.

Golden Group Roofing was a pioneer in replacing the old style of “ballpark estimates” (that could fluctuate depending on the project) to down-to-the-penny project plans that truly serve to educate the customer. Homeowners are never pressured to make a quick decision – in fact, Golden Group estimates are valid for an entire year.

Technology was a game changer during COVID-19

When the pandemic started, homeowners were not interested in having a roofer come to their home to perform an inspection and have a sales conversation in person. Thankfully, Golden Group was already performing no-contact estimates using their satellite technology and drones.

Residents could stay safely in their homes (or not be home at all) while Golden Group harvested all of the measurements, data, and images they needed to produce a project plan with exact cost, delivered electronically through email.

Golden Group Roofing uses low cost technology to grow their brand & invite the customer

Breaking into a “father-son” industry as a young millennial female has brought it’s challenges, it’s also brought Greta the advantage of looking at the industry with a fresh pair of eyes. After eliminating “ballpark estimates” written on paper that left many homeowners unsure of the process, Greta saw how technology could revolutionize the sales process and make things even easier for her customers.

She invested in her website – something not every roofing company has historically done. Not only does she continually produce fresh content to explain common roofing questions to her audience, but she also improved the convenience factor.

Inspired after making dinner reservations online through the OpenTable service, Greta wondered “What if my customers could order roof estimates through my website too?”

She soon implemented the “Book Online” option to get roofing estimates, roof repair projects, and even roof financing applications. Her office manager thanked her too, having cut the paperwork in half by automating some of the sales requests.

Taking it one step further with growing her brand online

Operations wasn’t the only thing that Greta modernized – she learned to utilize the internet to its full capacity! Using fresh content to educate homeowners on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook helped Golden Group boost their visibility, but connect with her audience in the areas that she served.

Deeply committed to transparency, quality, and supporting her community, Greta uses these platforms not only to demystify her potential customers and help them make informed decisions, but she shares the human side of Golden Group Roofing.

Community and relationships mean everything to Greta

Early on in her career, Greta needed to learn everything about roofing from scratch. Many roofing companies were father-son teams or family members that trained their staff personally. Having honed her research skills in college, Greta consumed every last manufacturer guide available.

She even called premium manufacturers GAF and Certainteed directly to ask probing questions so she could understand their products inside and out. Since then, Golden Group Roofing have maintained the highest level of manufacturer certifications each year and maintain excellent relationships with the producers.

It wasn’t long before Greta connected with other roofing leaders who wanted to support fellow roofers and initiate positive change in the industry. Today, she serves on three roofing industry boards, including National Women in Roofing and North East Roofing Contractor Association (NERCA), where she serves as the first female treasurer!

The most important relationship Greta has is with her team. She insists on only the best training for her crew, including from the manufacturers and even OSHA themselves. Investing in her employees, many of which work for her year-round, creates a powerful trifecta: her staff performs at the highest quality and they feel respected, valued, and empowered to perform their job with the utmost skill.

Ultimately, this young millennial faced a lot of hurdles breaking into a male dominated industry fresh out of college, but ultimately, she persevered and didn’t listen to “the way things have always been done.” She knew that to thrive, her business can never stop innovating, can never stop the quest for quality, craftsmanship, and caring for their customers. The result? Golden Group Roofing has become a top roofing company in MA, serving the Worcester, Middlesex, and Suffolk Counties all year long. You can listen to the full interview here.

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