Do I need a new roof to sell my house? Our Local Experts Weigh In.

It’s been a hot real estate market in New England for sure. So how does a roof affect your home sale in a seller’s market? Golden Group Roofing went straight to the experts. Read on to see what some top real estate agents in the MetroWest, MA area had to say.

Do I need a new roof to sell my Massachusetts house?

Some aspects of a home purchase are considered “nice to have,” such as updated appliances, attractive landscaping, and recent cosmetic renovations.  But major structural components such as the roof provide more than just curb appeal – they provide essential protection for your home and all of its contents.

The integrity of the roof can be a major concern for anyone purchasing the property, therefore, buyers usually insist upon routine home inspections that include the roof. When asked “Do I need a new roof to sell my house?” our experts weigh in.

“Roof condition is a key focus area of every good home inspector, not just to determine remaining life expectancy, but also to identify any areas of leaking, poor ventilation, and resulting mold which is a serious health consideration,” said real estate agent Charlene Frary.

Do I need a new roof

When roof inspections reveal obvious or underlying problems, this can affect the purchase and sale agreement.

“In my history as a realtor, I have had more than a couple of buyers either back out of a deal due to the roof’s condition – or ask the seller to do repairs/give monetary compensation,” said real estate specialist Mary O’Hagan.

This is because “roofs are costly to repair and issues can cause damage, mold, and wood rot, etc,” according to O’Hagan.

And no one wants to be surprised with water damage, cleanup up costs, and repair bills. All things to consider when asking the important questions “Do I need a new roof to sell my house?”

Roof Inspection in a “Seller’s Market”

“This market has been crazy,” said real estate agent Michele Miller, “I am seeing most buyers are waiving home inspections or have not been renegotiating if they choose to do an inspection. It’s because I am still seeing multiple offers due to low inventory.”

This means that if there IS a problem with the roof, it becomes completely the buyer’s responsibility to assess and repair as necessary after the sale. This can mean a possible large unexpected expense not long after closing.

Not all homes are treated the same.

Waiving home inspections “was potentially a huge “win” for the seller,” said Frary, “but that was happening mostly on homes that appeared to be well updated and maintained.  If a major system like a roof had obvious condition issues, a buyer would be less likely to waive inspection, and may have pulled back on how far above list price they would be willing to offer.”

What advice would they give buyers during a hot real estate market?

  • “I encourage all my clients to always consider resale. Because your life may change at any point in time and it’s important to consider the condition of a roof when purchasing your next home,” said Miller.
  • “Know the age of the roof, and whether or not any warranty is still available, PRIOR to making an offer on the home,” advised Frary.  “Confirm that your home inspector will take a thorough look at the roof, from both the exterior and from the attic.  If the roof is newer, check online or at the building department to confirm that a permit was pulled and closed out properly,”
  • “Water is the enemy of a house and every effort should be made to keep it out,” said real estate agent Erica Pezente, “I advise buyers to routinely check their attics for leaks, especially during a bad storm. I have had buyers decide not to make an offer because of roof leaks into the house. They did not feel comfortable taking on that scope of work and were worried about mold.”

The bottom line is that the roof is a major structural part of the home and should be taken into consideration when buying or selling a home – even in a “hot” real estate market. Fortunately, you can easily schedule a roof inspection before you list your home (or when putting an offer on a new home) with Golden Group Roofing serving Greater Boston and Central Massachusetts.  Book your roof estimate through our online booking or call 508-873-1884