Top 5 Roofing Shingle Options

Here are your top 5 roofing shingle options for roofs in the Greater Boston, MA area. Golden Group Roofing can help you make the best decision for your home.

Roofing materials have come a long way in the past few years.

The roofing industry has been hard at work developing better products and more roofing shingle options than ever before.  So when it’s time for your next roof replacement, take a moment to consider your choices.

So when it’s time for your next roof replacement, take a moment to consider your choices – which ones will have the longevity, look and design, and energy efficiency that you’re looking for? Here are the top 5 roofing shingle options for homeowners here in Massachusetts.

1. Classic asphalt shingles for high-quality curb appeal

Asphalt shingles are everywhere, and for good reason. This traditional design has been used in New England for decades to provide an attractive protective covering for your roofing system. At Golden Group Roofing, we’ve tested and inspected many roofing materials on the market. We have found that when it comes to asphalt roofing shingles, the GAF Timberline HDZ® Shingles series and the CertainTeed™ ShingleMaster™ series are some of the best.

Both manufacturers have a long history of product excellence and reliability as well as attractive colors and shingle options. We invest annually to keep our crew fully trained and certified on both GAF and CertainTeed products so that we can offer you the highest level of warranty protection for your roof installation.

2. Metal Roof for durability and modern look

While asphalt shingles are the classic look in New England, more and more homeowners are turning to metal roofs for their sleek modern look and longevity.

Metal roofs are perfect for those who want low-maintenance roof protection. They are easy to powerwash to get sparking clean, are algae resistant, and are an excellent option if your building has suffered from ice dams in the past. No need to worry about clearing off snow with roof rakes in the winter.

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3. Solar roof shingles for low-profile energy efficiency

While solar energy is gaining in popularity, due to its energy efficiency and cost savings, there are other options besides solar panels. Many homeowners don’t know that solar roof shingles combine the benefits of both worlds – actual roof shingles that harness the energy from the sun.

There are several high-quality solar roof shingles available for Massachusetts homeowners today. These specialty solar shingles are often blended with traditional shingles during a roofing project, depending on the amount of sun on the roof area.

While these types of shingles are generally more expensive than traditional shingles, they do not require a separate solar panel installation to reap the benefits of solar energy.

4. DaVinci Roofscapes for the slate tile look (without the hassle)

For those New Englanders who love the classic look of slate tile, but don’t love the hassles of having such a fragile material up on their roof, then DaVinci Roofscapes are a beautiful option.

DaVinci has recreated the stunning look of the slate with the latest technology in roofing products. This high-end product brings curb appeal without the headache and maintenance hassle of slate. This material is lighter but more durable, easier to install, and more energy efficient than slate tiles.

5. Rubber roofs for flat or low-sloped roofs

If your roof is flat or has a slope of less than 10 degrees, you’ll want a watertight roofing material such as rubber roofs. Due to the low (or non-existent) angle, there is not a lot of gravity pulling the water off the roof naturally. Rubber roofing is a durable material with few seams and reduces the risks of leaks.

We’ll walk you through the roofing shingle options.

When it’s time to replace your roof, you may be open to hearing about all the options. Maybe you’ve had problems with ice dams in the past. Perhaps you are looking for a specific look or aesthetic to match a renovation. Maybe you are looking for more energy efficiency and less maintenance.

Simply call Golden Group Roofing for a no-obligation consultation to discuss the roofing shingle options. Our customers are often surprised at how many options there are out there. Our project managers will walk you through the advantages and considerations of each option. Call us at (508) 873-1884 or book online. We service the Greater Boston, MA area, including Worcester County, Middlesex County, and Suffolk County.