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After a series of harsh New England winters, many of our customers have asked us about metal roofs. We’re seeing them growing in popularity in the Greater Boston area, and it’s no wonder…they last longer and have a fresh modern look. Here’s a case study of one happy customer’s metal roof replacement in Hudson, MA.

Metal roof replacement Challenge:

This local job began like any other routine roof estimate request. Our Golden Group Roofing representative went out to personally inspect the property and discuss the options with the owner.

Beyond the wear and tear, this home also suffered from frequent ice dams and snow buildup due to the shallow pitch of the roof. This created a significant amount of manual labor by the homeowner to clear the snow manually to avoid ice dams and water backing up into the home.

For this busy professional and parent, it was difficult to keep up with the maintenance during the snowy seasons – and often resulted in unexpected roof leaks. Still, she loved this home. It was her forever home and she wanted a roofing system that protected itself without the hours spent on extra maintenance.

We knew that the metal roofing system would be a great fit for her. It would eliminate the need for constant clearing of the snow – and last a lot longer than an asphalt roofing system.  

When she saw the sleek and smooth look of the metal material, she was impressed by the aesthetics. The metal roof in Hudson, MA brought a crisp and modern look to her older home. Unlike asphalt shingles, metal roofs are easy to clean with a power washer and aren’t susceptible to moss and algae.

When we told her that the average lifespan of a properly installed metal roof was 30-50 years, she was thrilled. The idea of buying one single attractive roofing system in her lifetime made the investment decision a no-brainer for her.

Metal roof replacement Solution:

Metal roofs require meticulous installation. Once she made the decision, it was important to find a qualified installer. Unlike asphalt roof systems, not everyone is properly trained to install metal roofs. The process is more intricate, precise, and time-consuming.  

Thankfully, our crew at Golden Group Roofing is experienced at handling these special materials, and we took our time to make sure it was done exactly right.

The result? This Hudson homeowner couldn’t be happier with her new roof that would last her the rest of her life. 

Metal roof replacement Conclusion:

Other benefits of a metal roofing system. Those benefits were enough for our Hudson customer to choose a metal roof, but there are countless other reasons that make this an excellent choice for your home.

  1. If reducing waste is important to you, most metal roofing is recyclable, which means less waste being tossed into a landfill during the next replacement.
  2. Because most metal roofs reflect the sun away from your roof, you can reap savings on your cooling costs in the summer as well.  
  3. And when you go to sell your property, a metal roof can be an advantage. Because of its long life span, your new buyer won’t have to worry about replace the roof for years to come.

Variety of metal roofing materials to choose from

If you’re looking for metal roofs, you’ll have plenty to choose from.  

Aluminum Shingles – less expensive than other choices and resist corrosion and damage from salt water.  This material does expand and contract (and is more susceptible to dents) than some of the other options.

Corrugated Metal – This material is also less expensive but less durable than other options.  As the name implies, these panels have corrugated grooves and can also be installed over an existing room.

Steel Options –  There are several options for steel roofing, including galvanized steel (very durable) and aluminum-coated steel.

Copper Tiles – This material is beautiful, lightweight and very strong.  However, it’s one of the most expensive metal materials to use.

Tin – This option is one of the most corrosive-resistant materials and most durable. It can even be painted or left to age naturally with a gray patina.

Zinc – This material also has a natural patina and is very durable. A properly installed zinc roof may need little to no maintenance at all. 

Could a metal roof be right for your property?

Metal roofs are becoming more popular for homeowners who:

  • Are looking for longevity in your roofing system 
  • Need more durability than asphalt shingles
  • Dislike the moss and algae that can grow on asphalt roofs
  • Are looking for environmentally friendly solutions
  • Want something fire resistant


So when it’s time for the next roof replacement on your property, give us a call. We’ll walk you through all of the options and how to choose between traditional asphalt shingles and a metal roof. Our office is based in Hudson, MA and we service towns from Boston to Worcester, Nashua to North Attleboro & beyond. Give us a call for your free consultation at (508) 873-1884.

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