Your Massachusetts Roof: The Best (and Worst) Things You Can Do

Homeownership can be a wonderful investment, but there’s plenty of do’s and don’ts that most new homeowners aren’t aware it. Sometimes they don’t learn things until they are too late. Fortunately, most issues can be avoided with maintenance and best practices.  That’s why Golden Group Roofing has put together the best of our do’s and don’ts for your roof as you prepare for the winter season.

Do inspect your Massachusetts roof during the spring and fall season

No matter where you live, harsh storms, wind, rain and snow can wreak havoc on your roof. It’s a good idea to visually inspect your roofing system (safely from the ground, that is).  

metal roofing in Massachusetts grey house

Check to make sure there are no obvious problems such as:

  • Loose or missing shingles
  • Loose flashing around the chimney or skylights
  • Damage from tree branches or debris

Do clean the gutters each fall

We know there’s a lot of fall roof maintenance, especially in New England and Massachusetts. Some times homeowners forget to clean out their gutters before first snowfall.

However, this region can be prone to ice damming. This is when the snow on the roof melts and trickles down to the gutters. If the gutters are clogged up, the melted snow will sit in the gutters and freeze. This builds a mound of ice called an ice dam and can back up water into under your shingles (and into your home)

Do trim any tree branches close to the roof

Many Massachusetts homeowners are very protective of their trees. They are good for the ecosystem, provide natural shade, and add curb appeal to the property. But if you see branches hovering over your roof, it’s best to trim them back.  

Branches that hit your roof during a major storm can be a safety hazard and a big problem if they damage the integrity of your roof or worse. You don’t want to be searching for emergency roofing services during a major storm. Better to be proactive and trim the back ahead of time.

Don’t assume that all of the roofing components are on the same timeframe as your roof

You may have just installed a new roof with a 50-year guarantee. But that only applies to the actual roof! Other elements such as the chimney, gutters, and skylights may be degrading at different rates and still need to be visually inspected and maintained.

Don’t Use Your Attic as a Major Storage Area

It seems like a natural place to store items you don’t use often – suitcases, memorabilia, or seasonal decor.  However, packing the attic with possessions actually interrupts the ventilation and air flow in the attic space. 

This can cause pockets of moisture – and that’s no good.  Moist air trapped with no place to go can lead to mold, especially as we turn up the heat during the winter.  

Proper ventilation is another key component of avoiding ice dams.  A properly functioning attic should allow warm air to escape instead of heating up the roof and melting the snow.

Don’t Rush a New Roof

We know that a new roof installation is a big job, and homeowners may be anxious to get it done before the snow flies.  And while we can do new full roof installations all year round, certain materials must be applied in certain temperature conditions. 

Homeowners may be tempted to rush a roof installation on a day when the temperature is below the manufacturer’s recommendations.  However the temperature recommendations are there for a reason – a low temperature can affect the adhesive and weaken the seal. And a proper seal is what a roof is all about!

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