Why You Shouldn’t Skip Roof Maintenance Services This Spring

Golden Group Roofing offers no-contact Roof Maintenance Services for preventative roof maintenance. Book now at (508) 873–1884

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Roof Maintenance Services

Golden Group Roofing offers no-contact Roof Maintenance Services for preventative roof maintenance. Book now at (508) 873–1884

Roof maintenance services are essential to taking good care of your home.

We may be in “social distancing” now – but our homes still require ongoing maintenance. The harsh weather waits for no one, especially here in New England. The stormy winters and rainy springs can compromise the integrity of your roof each year as it ages. Just like routine scheduled car maintenance, you should schedule your no-contact preventative roof maintenance this spring. It’s the most important thing you can do to extend the life of one of your most valuable assets: the roof that protects your home.

What’s on our Roof Maintenance Checklist?

roof maintenance servicesDuring your Roof Maintenance Service, our trained professionals will perform a full roof inspection. Our roof maintenance checklist includes evaluating the architectural integrity of the shingles, looking for moss or lichen, assessing the quality of the original installation, identifying potential areas of weakness, checking all the flashing around chimneys and walls, evaluating the ventilation, and searching for leaks.

We can optionally view the attic interior to ensure the wood decking remains in good condition, check for interior leaks, inspect ventilation and air flow, and examine any water stains.

Once the roof maintenance checklist is completed, you’ll get a detailed roof inspection report delivered right to your email inbox. Our inspection reports provide a thorough written assessment of each component supported by photographs and diagrams, eliminating any guesswork for the homeowner.

In one simple and complete document, you’ll receive a professional evaluation of the integrity of the roof, any recommended repairs, and a detailed estimate on any roof repair recommendations, which can be scheduled at your earliest convenience.

Do I Still Need Roof Maintenance if I Have a Roof Warranty?

While roof warranties can offer great protection, not everything is covered under the warranty. Typically, major damage or even minor wear and tear due to storms, debris, and other natural causes are not covered under the warranty.

Here’s where our roof maintenance services can make a difference. Investing in a proactive approach each year can save you thousands of dollars and insurance claims by finding small issues before they become big problems. Even if roof repairs, water damage repairs, and mold remediation are covered under your homeowners insurance, a smarter and more cost effective approach is to avoid leaks and damage in the first place.

Why Roof Maintenance Services Are Critical for a Home Sale

Whether you are evaluating a home for purchase, or preparing it for sale on the market, our roof maintenance programs are an invaluable resource for identifying and mitigating any potential problems that may prevent a sale from going through.

Sellers can provide a full and detailed report to prospective buyers to make the home more attractive. In fact, according to Realtor.com, roof maintenance inspections are one of the top recommended maintenance tasks any seller needs to complete before putting their home on the market – and the earlier the better to avoid any damage that could make the home harder to sell.

On the flip side, with the Buyers will have peace of mind knowing the exact condition of the roof of the large asset they are about to purchase. Not only does the roof contribute to the visual curb appeal of a home, it can be one of the largest expenses to replace. Providing assurances that the roof has been recently inspected and in good condition makes the property more appealing to potential buyers.

What are “No-Contact Roof Maintenance” Packages and “Virtual Roof Estimates”?

Concerned about following “social distancing” guidelines this spring? We are too. Our number one priority is to protect the health and safety of our team members and customers.

Thankfully all of our services can be done without face-to-face contact. For years, we’ve been using cutting edge satellite technology that allows us to access detailed imaging to create the most precise roofing repair or new roof estimate that we’ll stand by down to the dollar.

A detailed estimate report with diagrams and images will be emailed to you within hours, and we are always available to chat over the phone to review and answer any questions you may have.

We Handle Everything – You Don’t Need to Be There

With Golden Group Roofing, you’ll get award winning service that takes care of the entire project – from permits to dumpsters to clean up. The homeowner doesn’t need to be outside with our roofing team (or at home at all). With our drones and cameras, we send photos of our progress throughout the job, and can communicate with you virtually while you are safe inside your home the entire time.

You Can Check “Annual Roof Maintenance” Off Your List

With a simple phone call  or online appointment request, you can check your preventative roof maintenance off your seasonal household “to do” list.

Want to hear more? Check out our online reviews to hear it straight from our customers how Golden Group was able to proactively inspect and repair their roofs to extend the roof life and avoid early replacement.

“Our experience with Golden Group was excellent,” one recent homeowner wrote in their review, “It was refreshing to be able to communicate effectively via email and text message.” Like many of our customers, this homeowner “really liked getting a very thorough roof evaluation with photos and explanation. It was also comforting to know they used a highly reputable dealer (GAF) for supplies and materials, ensuring we’d have a solid warranty. I’d strongly recommend them to anyone who needs a new roof built properly.”

Golden Group Roofing is a full service roof maintenance company serving the Worcester, Middlesex and Suffolk Counties of Massachusetts all year-round. Keeping our customers and neighbors safe under solid roofs has been our priority from the day we started this company. We’ve developed our no-contact roof maintenance programs many years ago to provide full-service convenience to our busy customers, and now we use it to keep our community safe until this passes.