Requesting a roofing estimate: What to expect

A roofing estimate will give you the information you need to plan your roof replacement. Learn what's included in Golden Group's FREE roofing estimate >

Need a new roof? Here’s how it works:

A new roof is an investment that most people only make once in their lifetime. Do you know how much it costs to replace your roof? Probably not! That’s why Golden Group Roofing offers FREE on-site roofing estimates to every homeowner who needs one.

When you schedule a roofing estimate with Golden Group Roofing, you find out not just what it will cost to get a new roof, but also how Golden Group works as a company.

A roofing estimate from Golden Group always includes:

Breakdown of costs: The main thing you will see on the paperwork you receive from potential roofing contractors is the breakdown of the estimated costs of the project. These costs will include things like all materials, roof removal, getting rid of debris, labor, and renting equipment if needed. Your quote should completely break down every single expense so you are able to fully understand where your money is going. If you have any questions about the costs, make sure to ask them before you sign a contract.

Approximate timelines: Some roofing projects take a few days while others may take a few months. Minor roof repairs can sometimes be done in a single day, which can be great for saving money. But more extensive projects, like a complete roof replacement, could take a while longer. When you receive a roofing estimate from potential roofers, they should give you an expected timeline of how long your project will take to be completed. However, it’s important to remember that this timeline is an approximation, and the project could take a longer or shorter time than initially stated.

A roofing estimate can sometimes be confusing. So make sure to take your time, read through the entire quote carefully, and ask any questions before signing the final contract.