How To Find a Roof Warranty that Guarantees Protection

Golden Group Roofing provides a 25 year labor and the GAF golden pledge 50 year roof warranty with all new roofs for total peace of mind.
A roof warranty can bring peace of mind and investment protection, but not all roof warranties are created equal.

Looking for guaranteed protection in your roof warranty?

When replacing a roof or buying a new home, you’ll want to ensure you’re getting the maximum coverage available without any surprises.

Here are 8 things to consider when finding a roof warranty that guarantees protection.

Person holding Lifetime Roofing System GAF certification. How To Find a Roof Warranty that Guarantees Protection.

1. Make sure that the warranty covers workmanship (not just the product).

The most common and basic warranty is a “product warranty.” As the name implies, this warranty only covers the actual product replacement in the event of a product defect or failure. However, if you need a defective shingle or other roofing product replacement, you still need a roofing company to pull permits, dispose of the old product, and install new products on your roofing system…and all of that costs money that’s not covered solely by a “product warranty.”

Look for a warranty such as an “enhanced warranty” that covers problems of improper installation issues or a mistake in workmanship.  This enhanced warranty will also cover the cost of the roofer’s labor and other roofer expenses in the event of a warranty claim.  This is something that a roofing company must purchase and register on behalf of their customers.

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2. The pro-rated warranty that comes with the product is not enough.

When evaluating warranties, check the fine print to be sure that the warranty is not pro-rated. This means that the roof warranty coverage actually decreases over time as the roof ages. A pro-rated warranty is what comes with the product off the shelf and only covers problems that are truly isolated to the product itself (not due to other factors such as improper installation or inadequate ventilation). 

For example, your roof warranty coverage may be high in the first year, but your reimbursement amount will reduce to smaller amounts significantly after 5 years. The closer you get to the end of the warranty, the more the actual coverage may dwindle down to only a nominal amount.

This can be especially problematic if material costs and labor costs actually increase over time. So while your coverage is less, the costs to replace actually become more. We always purchase the highest coverage for our customers so that they are never surprised with declining coverage if they face issues many years down the road.

3. Make sure the warranty comes from the manufacturer, not the roofer

Getting an enhanced warranty from the manufacturer is expensive for your local roofer. They may offer their own roof warranty instead.  However, what happens if the independent contractor retires, sells their company, or goes out of business? 

The problem with getting a warranty from a small roofing company itself is that the warranty can be null and void if anything happens to that roofing business entity. Getting a warranty from a major national manufacturer that has been in business for decades and serves the entire nation will provide more of a guarantee that the warranty will be viable if you need to make a claim. 

4. Check that you have a certified registered enhanced manufacturer warranty

Not every roofer can give you a certified and registered enhanced manufacturer warranty. They must undergo training and certifications from the manufacturer to earn the right to purchase these enhanced warranties. If the manufacturer is going to provide extensive coverage, they want to know that the roofing company is thoroughly trained on their products.

Golden Group Roofing invests in the training and certifications needed to purchase these enhanced certified warranties for you. We put in the extra time to make sure you get only the best craftsmanship and protection.

Golden Group team with GAF sign in background.How To Find a Roof Warranty that Guarantees Protection.

5. Double check that the warranty is actually registered

The manufacturer warranty means nothing if it hasn’t been registered with the manufacturer. While your roofing company may claim that you have an enhanced warranty, you’ll want to do your due diligence to make sure that it’s actually registered. It’s an extra expense and additional paperwork for the roofer, so they might overlook that step during their busy season.

After your new roof installation, you should receive a certification of warranty from the manufacturer with an individual ID number. When in doubt, you can always call the manufacturer directly to make sure they have a record of it. Otherwise you’ll be in for a surprise when you file a claim. 

We purchase the maximum coverage with an enhanced certified warranty on your behalf – and we’ll register it for you. In fact, we don’t ask for final payment until you have your registered copy in hand.  We highly recommend that you verify the warranty before issuing that final check to your roofing company.

6. Don’t assume every leak is covered by a roof warranty.

Even with a premium roof installation and an enhanced warranty, not every leak is a problem with the roof.  Other issues such as attic insulation, ventilation, or flashing around the windows can cause leaks in the home. And if it’s not related to the roofing system itself, it won’t be covered by the roof warranty.  It’s always important to periodically inspect and maintain all aspects of your home.

7. Check to see if the roof warranty is transferable when buying or selling a home.

If you received a warranty directly from a roofing company (instead of the manufacturer), it is most likely NOT transferable to the new homeowner. Only certain types of premium warranties can be transferred  to a new homeowner. Some warranties can only be transferred once. 

Ask to see the actual warranty to ensure that you can take advantage of new roof protection. Again, you’ll want to see the paperwork and even call the manufacturer to make sure it’s eligible to be transferred to the new homeowner.

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8. Choose a roofer reputable roofer that will handle the roof warranty claim for you.

Dealing with a large national company can get you lost in the phone tree. And who wants to wait on hold for hours? When choosing a local roofer, make sure you choose one that will help process any warranty claims for you. 

We’re happy to get the process started for our customers. In fact, we can even inspect and repair roofs that have been installed by other roofers, as long as you have the enhanced warranty. So if your other roofing company has gone out of business or you don’t want to work with them anymore, you can still have your claim processed through Golden Group Roofing.

GAF roofing warranty

Golden Group team with GAF sign in background.How To Find a Roof Warranty that Guarantees Protection.

With Golden Group Roofing, you are covered no matter what.

We know how crucial your roof is when it comes to protecting your largest asset, as we will always bring the highest quality to our customers.  We go the extra mile to bring peace of mind and full roof warranty coverage to our customers at our own cost. This roof warranty is even transferable to a new owner, making your home more attractive for sale. 

We serve the Greater Boston area, including Worcester County, Middlesex County, and Suffolk County. Golden Group Roofing will always issue a roof warranty that guarantees protection. So Book your free estimate now – and don’t worry because there is no contact needed!