Behind the Success:
How an Immigrant Wife and Husband Team Built a Thriving Business

The American Dream of a thriving family business is very much alive in Worcester, Massachusetts where a young immigrant couple founded a successful roofing company from the ground up. Each of them arrived at a young age to the US without knowing the language, but prepared to create a better life. As college students, Greta Bajrami and Freddy Campoverde had their eye on big business, but when they became parents at a young age, the couple found a different route to stability and success: founding their innovative Golden Group Roofing as a married couple.

Divide and conquer with shared goals

Bajrami and Campoverde started out at the bottom of the roofing industry simply to pay the bills as they worked their way through college. As they simultaneously worked on their business degrees, they began to uncover areas of process and operational improvements over “the way things are always done” in roofing. They knew there was a better way. Trusting their instincts, young couple founded Golden Group Roofing to bring change to the industry. 

Greta and Freddy Campoverde with their family.

The best part about running a business together is allowing each partner’s strong suits to shine. Campoverde is the innovator of the couple. He is constantly testing and researching new products and technologies, and leads the process improvement initiatives with the team.

Bajrami is both the face of business and the behind-the-scenes genius. She prioritizes keeping up with the latest in roofing and marketing trends and community outreach. She also is the brains behind creating sales plans to grow their small business and create jobs. 

“I’m very much a numbers person,” said Bajrami, “I watch the data to help drive decisions. How can we improve the business and provide quality service?”

Golden Group has built a talented and passionate crew and staff. Bajrami often analyzes where to use their individual talents to optimize the entire experience.

The entire Golden Group Roofing & Solar family at Habitat for Humanity.

And as part of Golden Group’s public service, Bajrami serves as the Executive Board of Director and 2nd Vice President of the North East Roofing Contractor Association. She is also a Foundation Board Member and Scholarship Committee of Worcester State University.  

A joint effort to stay ahead of the curve

Bajrami and Campoverde are never satisfied running the same company that they ran 10 years ago. They are continuously learning, forecasting, investing in training for themselves and their crew, and adapting to the latest technologies, the industry, and the customer needs.

Sometimes that means pivoting in challenging times, such as during the pandemic. Thankfully, Golden Group had already embraced high tech tools such as global satellite imagery and drones for contactless estimate generators. When the pandemic arrived, they were already capable of preparing project plans for their customers safely from a distance.

Other pivots meant expansion of services in adjacent industries. Adding home siding services meant they could help more customers maintain the integrity and the curb appeal of their home. As solar technology advances rapidly, it made sense for the Golden Group team to invest in a new solar division. As a couple, this decision was just another celebratory milestone in the changemaking business they are growing together.

To this day, neither Bajrami nor Campoverde have their own designated office, even though they are CEO and COO of Golden Group Roofing. They much prefer connecting with their staff and crew in different offices and on project sites.

“We wanted to be near our customers, not locked away at a mahogany desk,” said Bajrami.  When her customer service representatives are out in the field, Bajrami tells them: “you’re talking to someone’s Mom and Dad. What would you say to them?”

Treating their customers and team the way they would treat their own family is a core value at Golden Group Roofing.  Their philosophy is to always be listening and learning, and trusting their own instincts to lead from within.

Golden Group’s mission to advance opportunities for all

Bajrami and Campoverde knew firsthand what it’s like to manage life with few resources and to wonder where the next paycheck was coming from. Now they’ve created jobs for others and have grown a business with multiple offices.  services 23 towns in the greater Boston and Worcester areas. 

The couple doesn’t take their business success for granted, and are steadfast in their mission to ensure that others in their local communities have opportunities to grow and flourish. To this day, Bajrami has committed that Golden Group “always says yes” to sponsorships or contribution requests from the local community. Their company has sponsored and donated to everything from local little leagues to Habitat for Humanity projects. For the past few years, they’ve even “adopted a scholar” to grant scholarships to local college students.

Greta and a colleague at Habitat for Humanity.

As part of their mission to innovate in the roofing industry, the founders made the business decision to invest in young talent rising up from local colleges in addition to trade school graduates. Golden Group has hired sales representatives and staff members with new degrees in business, political science, and psychology over the past few years. Recruiting skilled young professionals from good schools can bring fresh perspectives into the trades, including roofing. 

And as a fierce advocate for women in a male dominated industry, Bajrami has worked tirelessly to pave the way for other women who are interested in the trades. She was nominated as a finalist for the Female Roofer of the Year 2021. Bajrami was also the winner of the coveted EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2023 New England award. Bajrami works personally to pave the way for more women to create impact in the trade industry.

Greta Bajrami giving a speech as the Entrepreneur of the Year Recipient.

The “American Dream” is still very much alive

“The most beautiful thing about the United States is that everyone is willing to support you and give you a chance,” said Bajrami.

Her favorite milestone was hiring their first employee and having enough money to establish their first official office. Starting a business from scratch means doing everything yourself at first with a bare bones budget. 

But after your business gains momentum, all the hard work pays off. “That moment is just so magical. I will never forget having my logo on the doors and a sign out front,” said Bajrami.

Bajrami and Campoverde savored the moment recently during Golden Group Roofing’s 10 year anniversary party, where they hosted 150 people, including their team (and their families), local partners, and colleagues in the community. The anniversary party was truly to honor the hard work, passion, and dedication of the entire team that has made Golden Group Roofing a thriving small business.

Co-founders as a married couple has been an incredible experience

“Running a business together is definitely great,” Barjami said, “We’ve grown so much.”

It really requires a high level of commitment and dedication. During stressful days, it’s important to support each other and never take anything personally. “It really takes a special bond to be able to do it.”

The couple’s advice for anyone starting a new business

Campoverde and Bajrami have seen it all – from moving to a new country to becoming parents at a young age and starting their own business. Their incredible life experiences, ability to adapt to challenges, and passionate persistence has created a work environment of compassion, teamwork, and innovation.

When starting a new business, “you have to have a really deep understanding of your vision because the business that you run now might not be the same in a year or two,” said Bajrami.

“Sometimes you think you know what your business is going to be, but the consumers will tell you what they want.” Bajrami says that entrepreneurs should always be listening to customers, paying attention to the economics, and be flexible with the business plan along the way. 

When it comes to each project, “our promise is that it may be your home, but it will be our roof – and we take pride in that. We could be just another ‘cup of coffee’ but we want to be that delicious latte that you enjoy sipping on a beautiful morning.  That will always be who we are and who we want to be.”

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