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Solar roofing is booming in popularity, and for good reason. The latest technology brings energy efficiency accessible to local homeowners, reducing their energy bill and environmental footprint at the same time. But the myriad of options and installations can feel overwhelming and confusing for property owners, especially when it comes to replacing the roof at the same time. Here’s how Golden Group Roofing helped one resident obtain solar roofing in Westborough, MA, and get all the solar benefits and more with his new roof, without the hassle and risk of working with two different companies.

Solar Roofing Challenge:

We got an inquiry from our client Bob about solar roofing installation in Westborough, MA. He was highly interested in going green during his next roof replacement. He was excited at the prospect of locking in a low electricity bill for 25 years, but had done some research online that gave him pause.

There is no shortage of complaints against solar installation companies that damaged walls, roofs, and other critical aspects of the structure that caused the roof to leak after the solar panel installation. What’s worse is that Bob found homeowners complaining that they had to pay for the roof repairs out of pocket (including labor).

Some homeowners engage with a solar energy company that promises to include a roof replacement in the package. What they don’t know is that these roof replacement jobs are often sub contracted to the lowest bidding roofer. There can be little oversight or quality control of these installations.

Thankfully, at Golden Group Roofing, we are certified and trained to install a solar ready roofing system. This means that your solar energy and roofing system are flawlessly integrated by one company, and with one single warranty. 

Solar Roofing in Westborough, MA Solution:

This is where it pays to go with one single company that is trained and qualified to perform the entire installation. Because we’re an experienced roofing company, we’re always thinking of the integrity and the longevity of the roofing system first.

Not only do we insist on quality craftsmanship and meeting all building codes, but we know that your roofing system must go above and beyond just the minimum installation requirements if it is going to withstand the weather and support a solar energy system on top of it.

Golden Group Roofing understands that homeowners are looking for cost savings. Those savings could be completely negated in the event of a costly repair. In addition, we know that if there is a leak in the roof, then the project no longer qualifies for the 30% federal tax credit.  Therefore, we make special adjustments to the project plan when doing a simultaneous roof replacement and solar panel installation.

Solar Installation Process:

Once Bob was ready to move forward, our engineering team and structural engineer created the designs and project plan. We work closely with the local municipalities and code enforcement to apply for all building permits, including solar, roofing, and electrical permits.

At the same time, we began working with the utility company to apply for interconnection, which allows us to operate and connect the solar panels to the grid.

Once our team got the green light, our supervisor made one final site survey before the day of installation. This is to double check the plan and review all the logistics with the property owner. Bob didn’t have to worry about a thing because we do all the preparation, including arranging for the dumpster and a porta potty so we didn’t have to disturb him in his home.

Because Bob chose Golden Group Roofing, he got a fully integrated solar installation. This means that Bob’s entire system works together instead of being two separate installations. For example, the solar team and roofers worked together to install certain solar components under the asphalt shingles instead of on top of them. These installation designs follow best roofing to prevent leaks and ensure reliability.

During the installation, the roofing crew, solar team, and electricians worked together on site. Our team has done extensive research on how to make solar roofing installs as safe and as durable as possible. Our crew designed his project to mitigate the risks of the past. This is including roof leaks or electrical fires, by upgrading the materials and changing the installation process.


Once the installation was completed, the crew performed a comprehensive test of the system. Once this was finalized, Golden Group Roofing applied for final roofing, solar, and electrical permits.

After the permits were approved, our team provided all the necessary paperwork to the utility company. In this phase of the project, the utility company came to Bob’s house to change his existing meter to a “net meter.” This special meter records the solar production of the home, including any surplus.

Finally, the big day arrived. We came onsite to Bob’s house to turn the solar energy system on, and to celebrate with Bob and his family. Our team showed Bob how to monitor what’s happening in his system and get live updates on the panel production. Bob was excited to see the benefits of solar energy immediately. Golden Group also presented Bob with his 25-year warranty to protect his investment.

Solar Roofing in Westborough, MA Conclusion:

Bob was grateful to go with a single company that could provide a truly integrated solar roofing system. After doing his research, Bob knew that a faulty installation could cost him more money.  He chose Golden Group because we go above and beyond to use quality materials to ensure durability and safety.

Bob could rest easy knowing that his roof was reliable and leak-free, while his solar panels were saving him money. And the best part was that if he ever had any questions, there was only one company he needed to call.

Have questions? Ask about the solar process today for your Greater Boston, MA home.

If you’ve been curious about solar installations, give us a call. You may have read stories on the internet, but the technology and industry has advanced tremendously in recent years.  We’ve done our research and have added a fully trained team to the crew. So you don’t have to wade through all the details, just give our team a call. We’re happy to answer any questions.

Book your no-obligation consultation to see how you can use sustainable solar energy to protect yourself from rising energy costs. Call us at (508) 873-1884. We service the Greater Boston, MA area, including Worcester Country, Middlesex County, and Suffolk County.

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