Roof Replacement in Westborough


The Challenge:

Our team inspected this beautiful property for a roof replacement in Westborough. We discovered the old roof was experiencing great challenges due to old age. There were shingles that appeared to be cracked and curled. As the consultant walked around the property, they noticed that the outside paint was blistering and peeling off. The roof appeared to be at the end of its useful time.

The Meeting:

As our roofing expert engaged in a conversation with the homeowner, we were able to educate the Westborough homeowner on all of the aspects that make part of the roofing system and why the roof is a significant component to the entire home. The curling and the cracking of the shingles resulted from the old age of the roof. Our observations included the signs of blistering and peeling of the outside paint. These signs are seen due to excessive moisture and high humidity, resulting from poor attic ventilation.

The Solution:

Our team of roofing experts and GAF factory trained professionals, installed a long-lasting GAF Timberline HDZ Roofing System. Where we addressed the health of the wood decking by reinforcing it with new plywood. To address the ventilation concerns, we were able to install a 12-Inch filtered ridge at the peak of the home to allow the home to ventilate properly throughout the seasons.

The Conclusion:

Upon the completion of the roof replacement in Westborough, this beautiful property had the opportunity to enjoy a brand new functional and beautiful GAF Roofing System. This home will be able to have another lifetime with this greatly crafted roof. With all the components such as decking, roofing accessories, and ventilation being properly addressed; this roofing system will withstand all the elements throughout its lifetime.

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