Roof Replacement


Roof Replacement Challenge:

This homeowner in Natick, MA called the Golden Group Roofing team because the chimney was leaking. The chimney had become a constant point of pain in this home due to leaks from heavy rain. The homeowner found us through our blogs where they had read that chimneys are often the first sign of roof issues on a home. After some careful readings, the homeowners decided that calling the Golden Group Roofing team and having them come to the property would be a wise choice. The homeowners booked directly online using the online booking calendar.

The Meeting:

These Natick homeowners met with Freddy Campoverde from the Golden Group Roofing team. Upon arrival, Freddy began his 10 point inspection of the exterior of the home. In this inspection, things such as trim, rotted decking, and pipes are always inspected. After the exterior inspection was completed, they headed to the attic for an inspection of the ventilation system and to furthermore inspect the wood decking of the roof. Once the full inspection was completed, Freddy joined the homeowners in the kitchen to discuss his findings. After having the homeowners answer some key questions about the roof, their home and future goals for the exterior, Freddy carefully prepared the golden group roofing 25 bullet point roofing system proposal. This proposal includes all steps from permits, clean up, wood replacement, to dumpster and warranties. The golden group roofing proposal is good for 6 whole months. There are no time clocks on any of the proposals given. The extra bonus: no deposits necessary to start.

Roof Replacement Solution:

The chimney leaks were determined to have come from the old age of the roof. After the inspection was completed, it was recommended that these Natick homeowners replace the roofing system with new Certainteed landmark asphalt shingles backed up by the Certainteed 5 star warranty that protects 50 year product and 25 year workmanship. We installed 6 feet of ice and water shield leak barrier on all eves of home as well as 3 feet on all rakes. We also installed Certainteed synthetic felt to ensure proper ventilation of the roof decking. The chimney was re-leaded using 12 inch lead and also counter flashing with 8 by 10 aluminum flashings. The lead was installed between the bricks and re- mortared using sealant. We finalized the roofing system install by closing the building permit with town hall.

The Conclusion:

A new Certainteed Roofing System, and a leak proof chimney. This roofing system provides peace of mind for the clients. It also gives them a registered warranty that is one time transferable to a new homeowner, making it a great investment and point of value in future sale of home. This client was another happy client for the Golden Group Team. We were able to identify a problem, create and execute a solution and offer a peace of mind for many years to come. The best part, our after care of the home is always complimentary should they have a concern or a question, a golden team member will visit the property and inspect free of charge.

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