Greta talks to Small Business, Big Growth podcast

Small Business Big Growth podcast interviewed our CEO, Greta, about how Golden Group Roofing grew from 0 to MA's most award-winning roofing company.

Small Business Big Growth podcast recently spoke to Greta about the roofing industry and her impressive growth.

Greta Bajrami is the co-founder, CEO and visionary of The Golden Group Difference and the passion that started the idea to seek change within the roofing industry. Golden Group Roofing is an national and local award winning powerhouse roofing company providing local roofing services to both residential and commercial clients in MA. Being awarded a GAF President’s Club Master Elite Contractor, a Certainteed Select Shingle Master and A GAF Certified Solar Installer, Golden Group is worth the consideration in your next estimation process.

Top takeaways:

– How motherhood has changed her outlook on career

– The insights into the roofing industry and what it takes to succeed

– Tips on providing value to clients through service

Episode Highlights:

[00:00] Intro to Greta’s background

[03:23] Career over motherhood or motherhood over career

[04:45] How she enrolled in business administration and I really fell in love with business

[06:25] Experience of really make the customer feel empowered,

[07:25] The first year of owning a roofing business and getting that off the ground

[08:45] How to use the right lens to look through the industry

[10:53] What can be done differently because of that extreme desire to want to delight the customer

[12:42] Ways to become a leader in the industry

[13:56] Understand your industry that it takes a different level of dedication

[16:43] Skills needed to stay in your own lane and be authentic.

[21:46] Identifying what is your purpose for wanting to be a leader

[27:15] You can’t become better because your competitor might have 20 year advantage but you can be unique

[31:16] Realize you are a service provider

[33:04] Don’t switch proposals and price modules every week

Stand-Out Quotes:

“I’m a big believer that it’s not passion that always leads us to success, sometimes it’s skill.”

“And I want people to realize that this is a trillion gazillion dollar industry, where you are welcomed and you can make an incredible living and then you can have a successful career.”

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