Get Qualified for Solar

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Why we need to see your electric bill?

The Golden Group Solar specialists are trained to interpret your electrical bill to evaluate your monthly homes energy consumption, your payment, and your future energy needs. With this information, the Golden Group Solar team develops a custom solar system and quote based on your energy needs for today and the future. Golden Group Solar also provides a detailed payback analysis in which you can see your break-even year on this energy investment.

Save money, Help the planet & Create a better future.

Welcome to the Solar Age. Make the switch to renewable energy and save big.

Solar Energy: An Investment that pays for itself.

As a homeowner, you can save thousands of dollars over the years by owning your own source of solar powered electricity for your home.

Golden Group Roofing employees installing solar in Massachusetts
workers holding solar power system to install

Did you know?

Utility rates increasing every year at a rate of four to six percent, one of the best decisions you can make is to go solar. Not only will residential solar panels pay for themselves, but using the energy from the sun to power your home means you can free yourself from the utility companies, eliminate your monthly bill and only pay as little as $10 for a monthly service charge.