Exterior Renovation with Window Replacement is a Big Win for Homeowners

It’s springtime—a popular season for home renovations in the Greater Boston Area. You might be considering which home improvement project to do next. If exterior renovation tops the list, it makes sense to replace your windows as part of the project. Why? Your windows and home exterior work together, making integrating these projects full of advantages you’ll read about below.

Should I do an exterior renovation or window replacement first? 

Home renovations can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially when it comes to making decisions about major exterior updates. Among the most common dilemmas homeowners face is whether to replace windows and siding concurrently. However, there are many benefits of window replacement with exterior renovation.

Tackling both projects together might seem like a hefty undertaking, but this strategy presents unique advantages for efficiency, aesthetics, and cost savings.

Let’s see why integrating your exterior renovation and window replacement project makes sense.

New siding and windows on a home. Benefits of window replacement with an exterior renovation concept.

Benefits of window replacement with your exterior renovation project

You know the expression “the whole is more than the sum of its parts.” Integrating window replacement into an exterior renovation is a perfect example. You could do each project separately, but you’ll get more in the long run by combining them into a single project. Your exterior and windows work together to save energy, weatherize your home, increase curb appeal and more.

Not only will your total costs be less, but you’ll also reach your home makeover goals faster and enjoy a smoother process with less hassle. While goals may differ for each homeowner, it’s easy to see why most homeowners roll window replacement into their exterior renovation project.

Good timing

The best time to replace your windows is when you replace your siding. This allows your contractor to install the windows on a clean, smooth surface for best performance and protection. The siding can then be installed securely around the new window, providing the best seal to keep moisture and weather out. If you wait to replace the windows, the contractor will need to cut into the existing siding, which can cause damage, mar the appearance, or decrease performance.


While an integrated job is a significant investment, it’s worth it if your budget allows. Several steps in siding and window replacements overlap, so using one contractor typically saves on the total cost because you won’t have to pay twice for materials and labor.

Enhanced aesthetics

Reinforce the look of your new siding, architectural details, and other exterior renovation elements by modernizing your windows. Coordinate window styles, colors, blinds, shutters, and other window treatments for a more cohesive look that reflects your style and overall design vision.

Exterior Renovation with Window replacement done by Golden Group Roofing. Benefits of window replacement with exterior renovation concept.

Improved energy-efficiency

Siding and windows each impact energy efficiency, working together to keep air from leaking into and out of your home. As heating and air conditioning costs continue to rise, replacing windows as part of your exterior renovation is a sound investment. You’ll be more comfortable indoors while reducing energy consumption and contributing to environmental sustainability.

Better functionality

Have you ever struggled to open or close your window? Older windows may have poorly designed or damaged mechanisms. Many windows now offer advanced features such as easy-to-operate systems, making it easy to let fresh air in or keep cold air out.

Long-term durability

Siding and windows combine forces to help eliminate water damage and leaks, extending your home’s longevity. Older windows prone to moisture infiltration, rot and decay can damage the interior and structural health. As part of your renovation, boost your durability by installing new windows built with modern materials and construction techniques.

Compliance with building codes

Local building codes and regulations change over time. Renovating the exterior provides an ideal opportunity to ensure your home complies with updated safety, energy efficiency, and structural integrity requirements.

Increased property value

Many factors can raise the desirability of your home to potential buyers, such as curb appeal, efficiency, and functionality. An exterior renovation with replacement windows offers all these benefits and more, enhancing overall property value and selling price.

Exterior Renovation with Window replacement done by Golden Group Roofing. Benefits of window replacement concept.

One contractor, fewer hassles

Any major renovation project can be overwhelming. Homeowners often replace their siding and windows together, using a single contractor for greater efficiency. This way, you’ll only need to vet one contractor and be inconvenienced one time instead of twice. Using a single company will ensure the window replacement is well-coordinated with all other exterior renovations to minimize disruption and streamline the process.

Choose the right contractor to integrate your window replacement with Golden Group Roofing

New siding and replacement windows each play a major role in protecting your home, reducing energy costs, boosting curb appeal and so much more. Simplify your life by combining these essential projects using a contractor known for its expert siding and window installation, high-quality materials, and friendly customer service.

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