New Solar Trends for 2024

Reducing energy costs and prioritizing sustainable home solutions have been front and center of the minds of homeowners and governments in recent years.

Solar Roofing in the Greater Boston area.

Pair that with the rapid technological advancements in the solar industry, and we’re about to see incredible change and growth over the next few years.  Here are some solar trends we expect to see in 2024

Solar Trends

Improved solar energy storage options in 2024

The US continues to be a leader when it comes to solar energy solutions, and the recent Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) introduced a tax credit for investing in powerful standalone solar storage. Given the growing need for solar energy storage, the industry expects even more technological advances in the solar energy storage area and new solar trends.

Increased solar capacity

Over the past year, the US added a 36% increase in just 8 months during 2023. This trend is expected to increase… in fact, Woods Mackenzie expects to see solar capacity almost double by 2027.

Growing interest in grid-tied solar systems

Grid-tied solar solutions on residential and commercial properties can bring the best of both worlds. The solar system still captures the sun’s rays to convert to electricity, but it’s also tied into the existing electricity grid to bring stability and consistent energy to power a home or building.

In this system, the solar system on your home can generate power and send it back to the grid, earning you credits for the electricity that your property uses. These grid-tiered systems are popular because they generate clean energy. However, homeowners tied to the larger electricity grid don’t have to worry about running out of power.

Renewable energy growth nationwide

As residents and states look to increase renewable energy, solar trends continue to climb. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association’s Solar Market Insight Report Q4 2023, 48% of new electricity generation capacity was from solar sources (for the first three quarters of the year). 

Several years ago, the Department of Energy announced a goal to cut solar energy costs by 60% within the next decade. This was part of a larger goal to move towards 100% clean energy by 2035. Authorities have allocated funding to reduce the costs, making solar energy installations more affordable.

More solar roofing shingles as well as traditional solar panels

When you say “solar energy for your home,” most homeowners think about large solar panels placed on top of their already shingled roof. Adding solar panels to your existing roof system requires additional mounting brackets and extra labor. But as solar technology advances, new solar roof shingles are an excellent “all in one” option. 

When the solar capability is built directly into the roofing shingle itself, there is no need for bulky or heavy solar panels. With Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) technology, the photovoltaic (PV) cells are in the shingles. You’ll get a seamless look for curb appeal and an easier installation.  

Solar shingles are implemented during a full roof replacement. The benefits of solar roofing shingles are:

  • You can have a single installer complete your entire roof installation
  • You’ll have a single warranty instead of two disparate warranties (roof vs. solar panels)
  • You’ll save on labor costs (simpler installation)
  • Your roof will have a more streamlined look without the bulky solar panels

In fact, solar shingles (BIPV) are eligible for the Investment Tax Credit (ITC), for even more savings. With the ITC, individuals who install solar energy systems on their residential property may be eligible for a 30% tax credit. 

2024 Solar Incentives in Massachusetts

The state of Massachusetts will continue to offer solar energy incentives to Massachusetts residents in 2024. Some financial benefits can include:

Single installer for roof and solar energy system

We make it our business to stay on top of consumer trends and the latest technology, which is why Golden Group invested in our solar division in 2023.  Many of our Massachusetts property owners have been searching for durable, energy-efficient, and sustainable products. They have been asking about solar energy for their next roof replacement.

In the past, homeowners have had to deal with two different companies to get the benefits of solar energy for their home: one company to install the roof and the other company to install the solar panel. Having two different points of contact created difficulty when an issue arose – who would be responsible?

Golden Group Roofing opened our solar division in 2023 so that our customers could rest easy, knowing there was one company responsible for the entire project – from the roofing materials to the permits, to the solar energy panels, to the utility hookups.  

Reach out to Golden Group Roofing’s Solar Division 

If you’re a candidate for a roof replacement, and you’d like to see what’s possible with solar roofing, give us a call at 508-873-1884.  There is no obligation – so why not see how you can protect yourself from rising energy costs and use a sustainable energy source at your own home?  We service the Greater Boston, MA area, including Worcester County, Middlesex County, and Suffolk County.