Marvin Windows vs. Andersen Windows:
Why Marvin Windows are the Great Windows for New England

Replacing your windows is a large and important investment for your home. Important factors to consider are: quality of the materials, energy efficiency, warranty, and style. While Andersen windows are high quality options for homeowners in New England, Golden Group Roofing has chosen to become a certified installer of Marvin windows for our clients during our home siding projects.

Marvin offers beautiful high quality fiberglass windows

Two reputable and longstanding window manufacturers are Marvin vs Andersen windows. The fiberglass windows with Marvin come with the highest quality materials and elevates the natural beauty of any room. Their Ultrex fiberglass is highly strong and durable, weather resistant, and low maintenance. 

Fiberglass windows are much stronger than their vinyl window counterparts – in fact, fiberglass is 8x stronger than vinyl. This means they can use less materials and still be resistant to dents and warping. It’s also easier to paint over fiberglass than it is vinyl, giving homeowners longevity and the ability to change the look of their home over the years.  

Marvin Ultraflex windows in a house.

It’s a no-brainer when it comes to comparing Marvin vs Andersen windows for the fickle New England weather. Marvin has specially designed finishes that are scratch and dent resistant, and paint colors that resist fading, even with significant sun exposure.

Marvin windows are designed to enhance natural light

Marvin’s approach to style and design creates a seamless approach, inviting the outdoor beauty into our homes. Whether you’re nestled in the woods, are along the water, have a beautiful yard, or simply enjoy your cozy community, Marvin windows beautifully blend the indoors with the outdoors with their unique design.

Because fiberglass is stronger than vinyl, the frames can be thinner while still providing excellent durability. This lets in more natural light for happier and healthier living. Golden Group embraces the trend of incorporating New England’s natural beauty into home living and design.

Marvin also offers stunning wood frames, adding warmth to your home and complementing the blended indoor-outdoor look. Or homeowners can choose a fiberglass window with a stunning wood like finish.

You’ll find a window for any design

Marvin windows has a wide array of styles and size in their three major window lines. 

  • Double hung and single hung
  • Casement windows 
  • Roundtop
  • Sliders
  • Awnings
  • Bay
  • Bow
  • Single Hung Round Top
  • Special Shapes 

This means that a homeowner can use Marvin windows consistently throughout their home, no matter what the design.

A side view showcasing Marvin windows. Marvin vs Anderson windows concept.

Craftsmanship and custom design

Golden Group chose to install the Marvin lines due to its reputation for excellent craftsmanship. These windows are not available for homeowners to purchase at big box stores and install themselves. These premium windows must be purchased through specialty dealers. Golden Group has invested in training and Marvin certification because we believe in the high quality windows that Marvin provides. 

The windows and doors are custom crafted at Marvin. They take pride in the highest quality manufacturing and work through certified installers, such as Golden Group.

Marvin stands behind the quality of its products with a limited lifetime warranty and a 5 year installation warranty. In addition, Marvin manufactures their windows here in the US. 

Beautiful but sustainable window options

These premium grade windows are highly energy efficient, which is important to homeowners in New England. Wide temperature swings between the cold winters and hot summers make heating and cooling costs an issue. Marvin offer several ENERGY STAR® options that are built for northern homes.

Get new Marvin windows from Golden Group today.

Marvin has been a longstanding business since they started in 1912. Over one hundred years later, the company is led by Paul Marvin (as 2024). At Golden Group, we love to work with manufacturers who are as committed to innovation, quality, design, and stellar craftsmanship as we are.

If you’re looking for your next window replacement, contact Golden Group Roofing. We’re happy to show you how Marvin windows can add long lasting beauty to your home. We service the Greater Boston and Worcester, MA area. Call us a 508-873-1884.