Golden Group Roofing & Solar is Official Sponsor of FC Flair

Hudson, MA, October 27, 2023 – Golden Group Roofing is now an official sponsor of FC Flair, a premier futsal club serving Massachusetts with the goal of training and developing youth players in the proper way to play this unique sport. Futsal is a variant of soccer that takes place indoors or outdoors on a hard court similar to a basketball court, played in more than 100 countries worldwide by 12 million players.

Golden Group Roofing, a trusted local roofing company serving Greater Boston since 2012, was recently named an official platinum-level FC Flair sponsor.

As a result, Golden Group’s logo will appear on the front of the new Flair home and away jerseys for 2023-2025. This sponsorship is aimed at helping to develop young athletes and teaching them the importance of an athlete’s discipline and mindset.

FC Flair

Greta Bajrami, co-founder of Golden Group Roofing along with Freddy Campoverde, has been a  long-time fan and supporter of soccer and futsal – a natural love of the European sport she fostered growing up in Albania. This passion for the sport, coupled with her desire to give back to her community, culminated in a bid to become an official FC Flair sponsor. Her tenacity paid off, and Golden Group Roofing won the bid – a bit of a challenge for small local companies since most sponsors of such clubs are large national organizations.

With a long history of serving the surrounding communities, this is yet another example of how Golden Group Roofing gives back.


Commitment to Community

Greta has been following local futsal groups like FC Flair for a long time now, watching diligently as they have consistently produced MLS and World Cup soccer players over the years. Greta has followed the coaches, too, and has become inspired by what they do to help young talent thrive in this highly competitive sport.

“I really wanted to do something to show our commitment to community while allowing people to believe in their dreams,” says Greta. “What better way to be part of the community than to support young athletes?”. Seeing 700 players wearing jerseys with the Golden Group Roofing logo on the front humbles Greta, knowing that their financial support helps young players who wouldn’t otherwise have the means to play. Even her daughter says kids are wearing the jerseys in the halls of her high school in Hopkinton.

 On the other side of the partnership, FC Flair calls Golden Group’s sponsorship a “reflection of their values and commitment to excellence, both in the construction industry and in the community…the company’s support for young athletes and their development is truly commendable and speaks to the power of mentorship and guidance in shaping the future leaders of tomorrow.”

Greta’s excitement about the sponsorship is heightened even more by the weekly drop-and-play games throughout Boston with FC Street Flair. “It feels good to be able to say we’re investing in our youth,” says Greta. “That feeling is irreplaceable.”

FC Flair  

About FC Flair

FC Flair is a futsal club based out of Massachusetts that focuses on teaching youth the proper way to play the game. With a focus on high-quality coaching and small coach-to-player ratios, FC Flair offers a variety of programs such as camps, clinics, tournaments, summer training, technical training, Junior Academy, and competitive teams. Through the use of top-notch facilities and the proper futsal equipment, FC Flair offers programs year-round throughout the state.

To learn more about FC Flair, contact them today.

About Golden Group Roofing

Golden Group Roofing specializes in roof and siding replacement, roof and siding repairs, solar roofing, and skylights throughout the Greater Boston and Central Massachusetts area. Golden Group has a long history of serving the surrounding communities, with 30 roofing and community awards under its belt.

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