Exterior Lights for Entryways and Doors Trends in 2024

Every front porch and entryway needs a light to illuminate any steps, door frame, doorbells and handles for safety. Choosing the right light fixture and placement can add just the welcome touch you’ve been looking for. Here is Golden Group’s guide to exterior light options when renovating your home siding in 2024.

What's "on trend" in the world of exterior lights

Updating home siding is an excellent time to refresh your exterior lights. Not only will you be able to change the look and color of your home’s exterior, but all of the internal electrical components will be easily accessible before the new siding is installed.

Choose form and function for your porch and entryway lights

There are generally three placements of porch lights or doorway lighting:

  • Sconces on the side of the door
  • Porch lights that flank the door on either side 
  • Pendant or overhead lighting in enclosed area

In general, outdoor lighting on porches or around doorways should be installed above the shoulders. The purpose is to illuminate the area without shining the light directly in the eyes. Make sure you choose a light fixture that is large enough for the area, without looking out of place. 

Check out these traditional porch lights from Lowes and these modern wall lights from Wayfair.

Choose warm soft lighting for ambiance

Softer, warmer landscape lighting is a growing trend for 2024. This low diffused lighting creates a welcoming ambience with almost dreamy mood lighting. While LED lighting is growing in popularity due to its energy efficiency, many LED lights can be bluish white. If you are looking to create the evening glow, choose LED lights that have a warmer color temperature. 

Ambient lighting can be attached to your exterior walls, such as these LED Wall Lamps from Wayfair that provide a warm glow while illuminating a walkway along your home. Or ambient lighting can be standalone landscape lighting, deck lighting, or on freestanding lamp posts.

Backyards and driveways are great for floodlights

Larger areas require more than just ambient lighting – they’ll need the power of a floodlight, normally attached to a garage or the home siding.

In 2024, consumers have a wide variety of floodlights to choose from. Long lasting LED flood light bulbs means less time spent on a ladder replacing burned out bulbs. LED’s are also very energy efficient, making them an attractive option. Their light tends to be very powerful, so choose the brightness carefully. 

Many floodlights also come with motion sensor options for extra security, and can be solar powered to eliminate the need for extra wiring. 

For example, this solar powered LED floodlight from Amazon comes with three panels for wide angle coverage and solar powered rechargeable batteries.

Match the light fixtures to the style of your home

No matter where you put your lighting, you’ll want to match a specific style and complement the overall design of your home. Here are some examples of matching exterior light types with architectural styles:

barn outdoor lights.

Barn lights go well with Farmhouse style.


onion light.
onion lights from Wayfair

Onion lights are a classic Cape lighting fixture.


craftsman style lights
Craftsman lights from Lamps Plus

Square or rectangle lines go with Craftsman styles.


Smart lighting combines security and style

Smart lighting is a hot trend in 2024 as technology continues to add more features and controls to home components, including exterior lighting.

The most popular features in smart exterior lighting include:

  • Voice activation for hands-free controls
  • Automatic scheduling for ease of use and security while away from the home
  • App control so homeowners can adjust the lighting using a mobile device
  • Compatibility with other “smart home” and automation system
  • Better energy efficiency than traditional lighting sources

Exterior flood lights include cameras can add extra security measures

With the rise of home security cameras everywhere, it’s no wonder that outdoor floodlights with built in cameras are an attractive option. 

These smart outdoor spotlights can illuminate your home, creating classic drama or festive fun. These wifi enabled lights and connect up to 40 lights together, all controlled by an app on your smartphone. Choose from your favorite hues or holiday colors to make your home pop. 

Want to check out other options? Click here to check out Better Homes & Garden’s best outdoor smart lights of 2024.

Consult the professionals when it comes to electrical, roofing, and siding.

Always use a professional when installing, adding, or removing exterior lights on your home for safety and proper installation. 

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