Different styles of exteriors for homes in the Greater Boston, MA area

Choosing your home siding and exterior styles in MA can be exciting – it’s a wide open field of possibilities.

Don't be overwhelmed!

Choosing the right style of exterior can be overwhelming to fit for your vision, budget, and property logistics. Embarking on the journey of selecting the exterior style for your home in the Greater Boston, MA area is a thrilling venture filled with endless possibilities.

exterior styles in MA

Bold and creative colors

When doing a home siding or renovation project, it’s a great time to reimagine the colors. While neutrals will always be a timeless classic look, bold colors can bring a distinctive element to your home’s curb appeal. Many of our home siding products have a surprisingly wide range of colors to choose from.

Dark colors can be welcoming and classic

Darker colors on your home’s exterior can create a dramatic and crisp look, boosting your home’s appeal. Many of our home siding options can be painted – so the sky’s the limit for trying a new look.

Alternating bright whites and deep dark colors is another way to create interest in your home’s exterior. Consider using contrasting colors on different sections of your structure, or using high contrast between the home siding and the trim.

Using neutrals can give a sleek or calm look to your home, but don’t be afraid to add a pop of color to your exterior. Painting doors, trims, and other accessories can be the perfect way to add some interest while maintaining a streamlined look.

Using a deep shade of green on porches and other structural elements can create an elegant impression.

Updating your landscape design

If you’re dreaming up a new look for your home exterior, don’t forget the landscaping to go with it. It all starts with the design phase – either by hiring a landscape designer or doing it yourself. There is plenty of inspiration online!

When choosing plants, consider the seasonality of the plants here in New England. What will it look like in spring, summer, and fall? Don’t forget to add exterior lighting for a dramatic effect and updated hardscaping.

Using porches as a lifestyle and design exterior style in MA

Porches can be a welcoming architectural element to your home, and also a place to relax and entertain. Depending on the home and budget, some homeowners love having a front porch, screened-in porch, three-season porch, and even a standalone covered pavilion.

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Fencing can add charm and style to your home’s exterior.

Adding a fence isn’t just utilitarian – it can also accentuate the look that you’re going for. There’s nothing like a classic white picket fence to showcase the front entrance to your yard.

exterior styles in MA
A house in Massachusetts featuring a stylish fence.

Shutters can add visual interest to your home’s exterior.

After replacing or painting your home siding, consider adding shutters from some texture. Shutters can be fully operational to provide protection, or purely decorative.

Older homes have so much style and character, that you may not want to change the overall look. However, adding some fresh updates with a modern twist can be the breath of fresh air that your home exterior needs.

Use wood accents for warmth for your exterior style in MA

While using the same siding around the exterior of the home can create a cohesive look, many homeowners use wood accents to add some warmth and curb appeal. Adding modern twists to your older home can give it a fresh look, embrace the history of the home, and use the vintage features to your advantage.

If you live in a modern home (or are remodeling), using the right contemporary lines can bring a crisp minimalist appeal and a harmonious look.

Plan your exterior style for all four seasons.

When imagining the redesign of your home exterior style in MA, think of how it will look in the whiteness of winter, the burst of spring, the heat of the summer, and in the glorious fall. With the right design and landscaping, your home can look beautiful year-round.

Use the front door as an accessory

Your front door is the welcome mat of your home – make it beautiful and choose the color carefully. Make sure it looks good with the surrounding landscaping and any front porch or entryway.

exterior styles in MA
Front door

Combine materials in interesting ways

Home siding’s primary function is to keep your home protected from the elements – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful, especially when you try your hand at a mix-and-match approach.

Just like combining the materials in different ways, you can also combine lines to create some intrigue and contrast.

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We make the exterior home siding experience as smooth as possible, with beautiful results.

With so many high-quality and long-lasting home siding products to choose from, it can be difficult to make a decision. Call us for a free no-obligation consultation and we’ll match the right materials to your home and budget so that you can get the look (and the longevity) you’re looking for. Call Golden Group Roofing at (508) 873-1884 or book your home siding consultation online. We service the Greater Boston, MA area, including Worcester County, Middlesex County, and Suffolk County.