The Top 10 Benefits of a Full Exterior Renovation

A full exterior renovation of your home can serve so many purposes.

Upgrading your roof and siding delivers better protection against weather elements and intruders.

New exterior features can better express your personal style and make better first impressions for guests and prospective buyers. Financially, you can reduce maintenance costs and energy bills while improving resale value.

Exterior Renovation

What do we mean by exterior renovation?

Exterior renovation is a broad term. The most significant investments include new roofing, siding, building construction, and solar panels. More moderate investments—such as converting your HVAC system to electric, replacing your garage door, and installing vinyl windows—can also have a powerful impact. Less expensive updates that still provide value include outdoor lighting, paint touch-ups and trim, and a new entry door.


The list of benefits for exterior home renovation goes on and on. Here is our list of the top 10 benefits of exterior home renovation.

1. Show your aesthetic style

For many homeowners, exterior renovation starts by simply hating how your house looks each time you return home after work or shopping. The vinyl siding may be cracked and dingy. The color is outdated. You wish you had a fence or shutters. Whatever your personal vision, new exterior features can bring a smile to your face every time you pull into the driveway, enhance curb appeal, and freshen up your home is sure to attract potential buyers if you plan to sell in the near future.

2. Weatherproof for protection

Of all the reasons to fully renovate your home’s exterior, weatherproofing is likely the most significant and necessary for New England’s harsh weather. Your home is vulnerable to flying debris in high winds, leaks from wet weather, heavy snow on the roof, failed drainage systems, and more. The better you protect your home against weather elements, the fewer leaks and repair costs you’ll have—and the longer your roof and siding will last.

3. Lower maintenance costs

If your roof or siding is old or in disrepair, you’ll inevitably spend more time and money on exterior maintenance. You’ll also see more leaks and moisture in your ceilings and walls, adding further expense. The aging and decay of exterior elements is inevitable, and eventually, you will need to replace your roof and siding—or seriously risk extensive damage. While a new roof and siding are big expenses, today’s materials tend to be more durable and offer better protection against weather elements, insects, algae, and other sources of damage, decreasing future maintenance costs.

4. Improve functionality to suit your lifestyle

You want your home to fit your lifestyle and the things you like to do. How would it feel to have a deck where you could barbecue or eat outdoors, build a balcony off the master suite for morning coffee, or add a dormer to increase interior space? Exterior renovation personalizes your living space and can enhance your enjoyment of time spent with family and friends.

5. Increase energy efficiency and sustainability

Outdated or inefficient windows, doorways, siding, and roofing systems can allow hot and cold air to escape from your home, raising your energy bill. Insulating your home and sealing drafty areas can keep the inside of your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, saving money on your energy bills.

A growing number of Massachusetts homeowners are environmentally conscious and want to lower their carbon footprint. Ask your contractors about recyclable and eco-friendly options, such as fiber cement siding and metal trim. For the environmentally conscious who want long-term energy savings, look at going solar, which can also increase the appraisal value of a house by 4.1% on average. Golden Group Solar provides a single, expert roofing and solar team for a high-quality, all-in-one solution.

6. Raise curb appeal and resale value

Exterior home renovations increase curb appeal and its overall resale value. According to the Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report, a siding replacement will recoup 77% of the home’s cost at resale, while a roofing replacement will recoup 71.1% of the initial cost. For renovations boasting the highest return on investment, look at HVAC conversion, garage door replacement, steel entryway doors, vinyl windows, and manufactured stone veneer.

7. Make your home more secure

The home’s job is to protect the family, and a home renovation can take advantage of new security options. Increased security can be as simple as new locks, a steel entry door, and better outdoor lighting. New windows can make your home less prone to break-ins, as can technology features, including doorbell cameras and motion detectors. High-quality siding of sturdy materials can deter burglars. Whatever steps you take, make security a $1 priority.

Get the Greatest Value from Your Exterior Renovation

All these benefits of an exterior renovation make your home a better place to enjoy family and friends. Whether you have a cape-style home near the beach or a contemporary home in the suburbs, investing in exterior renovations can bring personal satisfaction and save you money. These enhancements improve your home’s appeal, increase its value, and boost energy efficiency while reducing maintenance costs. These renovations enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal and increase its value while also improving energy efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.If you are planning a home renovation, call award-winning Golden Group Roofing at (508) 873-1884 for the best quality roofing, siding, and solar installations. Golden Group Roofing serves the Greater Boston, MA area, including Worcester County, Middlesex County, and Suffolk County.