Shake Siding Replacement

Siding Replacement Gardner MA

Shake Siding Replacement Challenge:

Our client was looking to install a siding replacement designed that matched her style and captured the soul of her favorite place, Cape Cod. She wanted to bring the shake siding look to her home, but still wanted a 50 year product with great product warranties. Although wood shake siding is beautiful, it is not a product that has a long life span. The average wood shake siding only lasts about 15 years. This would not make financial sense for our client. But she did not want to say goodbye to her beach style home. I recall her calling Golden Group offices asking if she could have the shake “look” with the vinyl siding prices? The answer; yes! This successful siding replacement Gardner provided style and quality the client desired.

The Meeting:

Our Golden Group Expert team met with the client at their home to discuss the redesign of the exterior siding project. Freddy listened to the client in great detail and offered his input on how the property can benefit best from the new exterior project. Freddy used Hover App to provide a 3D design of the home so the client can visually see all the changes that will be made, and most importantly see how beautiful the home will be. Our proven design process allows you to join us as we take our time together not only selecting the design but preparing for the project. The Golden Group team visits the property as many times as it is needed to ensure we are ready for the big day.

Shake Siding Replacement Solution:

A new cape cod look and feel for half the cost and maintenance. Seeing our client come home and feel the way that she did made this project an ultimate success. Our team worked together to order all the materials and make deliveries on install day. Once we obtained a building permit, the real work began. Our siding crews are certified and trained directly from the manufacturer. They offer that expert knowledge on install day by making sure they apply the product correctly on each home. Once the work begins, it does not stop. That’s another golden group difference. One project at a time is the only way at Golden Group. This process is done to allow focus on the project and attention to one home at a time. This successful siding replacement Gardner project, was a unique and challenging project that provided the client with exactly what they wanted and needed.

The Conclusion:

A happy homeowner and a beautiful home with new siding replacement Gardner MA. The cape cod feels and vines captured from the moment you walk through the doors. Don’t let us write about it, instead watch the video and let our client tell you exactly how we made her feel. Spoiler; we get goosebumps every-time!

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