Solar and Roofing in Shrewsbury


The Problem:

The client called the Golden Group Roofing team because he wanted to replace his roof, but he also wanted to take advantage of the great incentives for solar energy that the town of Shrewsbury was offering to its residents. The clients home had an existing roof from 1992 and it was time for a roof replacement. The client was hesitant to have solar installed because of the possibility of a leak or issue in the future that could void the warranty. When he heard about GAF Decotech solar, he was excited to welcome the team to his home and learn more.

The Meeting:

The client met with our Roofing and Solar consultant Etjon Rapi who first took his time to get to know the home. Etjon identified the properties roofing system and found ways to improve and make it better. He took measurements of the home and also prepared a 3d rendering of the home to properly explain to the homeowner how we were going to install the roof. Once the roofing system was explained and the materials of the GAF roofing system were presented to the homeowner, it was time to move to the solar. First, we had to identify if solar was even possible for the home. We ordered a report to ensure what the best option for solar and the best placement would be. The report determined that solar was possible on the home and it would guarantee instant savings. Now it was time to explain to the client why GAF Decotech solar. GAF decotech solar is the first and one of a kind solar system that is NOT installed on top of your roofing shingles, but rather it is the roof for that area of the home where it is installed. The GAF Decotech solar system is integrated with the roofing system using the same philosophy of how a skylight is flashed and integrated into the roofing system. This product is amazing because it allows for no bolts or holes in the roofing system, leaving a peace of mind for any homeowner.

The Solution:

The client decided to move forward with the work and awarded us the project of both roof and solar. He also took advantage of the promotion we were running with 18 months no interest and no payments. The moment we had a signed contract from the homeowner, we began the permit process with our team. For solar, a solar permit, engineering permit and electrical permit is needed. There are quite a few steps and sometimes the permit process can take up to 60 days. Once all the permits for solar were granted, we applied for the roofing permit. When we had all permits ready to go, the project finally began. Solar and roofing projects are busy! There are so many moving pieces on the job install. For the electricians to the roofers and solar installers. But we love it! The client was able to watch it all happen within 48 hours. That’s all it took once the work began. We took off the old roof, installed a new GAF roofing system with weather watch ice and water shield, deck armour synthetic felt and GAF timberline HDZ shingles. The GAF solar followed thereafter.

The Conclusion:

A happy client that got to have a solar and roofing system installed, all while taking advantage of the federal solar tax credit and Town of Shrewsbury solar incentives. He was happy that it all came with a peace of mind. A true peace of mind as all the products and labor are covered under one warranty, the GAF Golden Pledge warranty. The client was able to see savings within 30 days of his solar system being turned on and on the grid. The Golden Group Roofing team successfully closed out and finalized all the building permits with the Town of Shrewsbury. We gained another happy and satisfied client that only paid once he was satisfied with our work! Yes, you read correctly! We do not accept payments until you are truly satisfied with our work. That’s how confident we are in what we do each and every day.

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