Chimney Leaks & Roof Repair


Roof Repair in Medford Challenge:

The Golden Group Roofing Team was called out for a roof repair in Medford, MA because a client was having leaks and issues coming from the chimney. Chimneys are a big entry point for water since it is such a big penetration. If not flashed correctly, it will leak.

The Meeting:

The client met with Golden Groups Roofing Specialist Etjon Rapi. Right when Rapi arrived at the property he saw tar all around the chimney. This was an indication that this problem had been going on for a bit. During the evaluation of the attic Mr. Rapi was able to identify that the wood around the chimney had started to rot as well as visible water stains around the area. From the exterior point of view, Rapi was able to see that the lead had started to lift and overall Rapi educated the homeowner on how this was just poor craftsmanship. Homeowners roof was also at the end of its life so they decided it was best to get a full roof replacement.

Roof Repair in Medford Solution:

Once the homeowner decided to move forward we got a singed contract and applied for the permit. Installation day arrived and the Golden Group team made sure to not only properly install the now roofing system up to specifications and code but they also made sure to properly flash the chimney that was originally leaking. Golden Group installs 3 layers of protection around the chimney, we use Ice & water shield all around and onto the chimney, followed by 5×7 aluminum step flashing all around and finally we counter flash using 12” lead. The homeowner himself loved the three layers of protection but they couldn’t stop looking at it because it looked so good.

The Conclusion:

Client was very happy to no longer have to worry about a leak. Remember that penetrations such as the chimney are part of the roofing system. This is crucial because usually penetrations on the roof is what leaks if not addresses the right way.

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